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Brandings is a huge resource for anyone looking to name a product.  We believe that it’s imperative that we make this naming info available to you, for free, right here on our site. Check out these great articles today!

What goes into Product Naming?

What makes a great Product Name?  If you believe that this kind naming is just one of those mysterious things, we’re here to dispel the myth.  While naming a product is neither mysterious nor magical there is however an art to it.  And, most people can agree that they know a good product name when they see one.

As stated, there is an art to developing product names .  That said, there is also a lot of science in it as well.  Brandings continues to unveiled the mystery and has asked our in-house Product Naming Team write articles with our followers in mind.  Below are links to some of these articles, describing the process and both the art and science that go into Product Naming.

The first article entitled “Product Naming” does just that, gives you help in naming a product.  This article discuses some interesting characteristics of a great product name including naming availability.  Can’t name a product a name you can’t use.  Length of a name, texture and visual design of product name is also discussed.

Our team has put together a second article, called great naming article we highly recommend.  While there are similarities between the two articles, we highly recommend that you read both as they are a bit different.

A third of the great naming articles expels the use of alphabetic characters.  This plus the use of visual design of the company logo it even delves deep into market suitability and global implications of your product name.

We suggest you read all the articles and if you have any questions please let us know.  Also, if you are interested in basketball business name please feel free to contact us as well.   If you have any suggestion or tips on product naming, let us know, post it below.

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