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The powerful combination of brand identity and design is what makes huge brands great. Consider the Nike swoosh, Apple’s apple, or even with their little heart, hinting at the prospect of love.

brand design and identity
Branding and Marketing Business Concept

However, before we get to indepth in the subject, perhaps we should get some basic facts down first.

Let’s start with exactly what we’re talking about when we say the words, “Brand Identity.”

At its very core your “brand identity” is how you want your customers to think of your business or product. Your brand identity is a promise, it’s everything you want your company to be. It’s a promise made from your firm to your customers that certain things will occur. Brand identity and design is one of the ways a company communicates characteristics of the products, services and attributes of the very company itself.

Furthermore, the best brand names will help create a link between the brand “personality” and the firm. Effective brand identity is at the core of how consumers – and potential consumers – respond to a company.

What is Brand Identity?

Most importantly your brand identity is the reason why customers chose one firm over its competition and is a central element of differentiation. We have even more research about this subject. The Brand Development Team has put together a blog about corporate identity if you would like to read more about this subject!

Examples of the Successful Combination of Brand Identity and Design:

incorporate brand name and logo
incorporating your brand name with your logo

Visual Brand Identity “Visual brand identity” includes all the elements that can be seen by consumers. This includes type font, tagline, icon, alphabet, color palette, and station architecture. The goal is to create a robust and comprehensive consumer brand experience.

It’s important to realize that the Brandings Team achieves effective visual brand identity and design for our clients by integrating all key visual elements. It is our objective to create a brand identity that distinctly defines the purpose of your firm and stands apart from your competition. In fact, our graphic artists work with directly with our strategy team to create a harmonious union of fonts, colors, and graphic elements. As a result is the brand logo, the central element of brand identity.

Think about it this way – others have a perception of us by the way we look. People judge by the way we dress and especially by how we act. Similarly, a firm’s brand identity is how others perceive your firm. In short, brand identity is the public face of the company.

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