How to Search for a Premium Domain Name

How to Search for a Premium Domain Name that matches your brand name
search for available dot-com domain name

How to Search for a Premium Domain Name

When you are starting a new business, you need a bold, powerful, premium domain name. Every entrepreneur needs every bit of help to separate their startup company from other firms that compete within their market space. Over the years Brandings has been involved in selecting domain names for thousands of businesses. However, how do you the entrepreneur, search for a premium domain name for your startup?

With that said, the Brandings Team, has a knack for developing great domains names. Moreover, we have mountains of research to support our naming decisions.

Here are some examples of premium company domain names we have just added to our Brandings® domain name inventory:

What is a Domain or Premium Domain Name

To begin with, a domain name is your address on the internet. Just like your home address tells people where you live, a domain name directs your customers to your business.

A domain name is essential for an internet presence online. The domain name that you select could make the difference between the success and failure of your business. You want to start with every advantage. It is important to note that all domain names are not equal.

You can purchase a name that has already been created or you can register a brand-new domain name.

With millions of new businesses created every year, you may have found that most of high-quality, short and memorable domain names have already been snapped up. However, the Brandings Team has already acquired and developed thousands of premium business domain names. These domains have been screened and are ready to use. To locate a ultra-premium name for your new business begin your search here.

search for premium available domain names

10 Factors That Distinguish a Premium Domain Name

premium available domain names

There are key elements we look for when we develop a domain name. Above all, these are the factors that separate a “good” domain name from a “premium domain name.” Assess the quality of a domain with the same assessment tool used by our naming professionals:

  1. Vocalization – Consider how the name sounds. Say it out loud and listen to how it sounds. It should be easy to pronounce and sound comfortable when verbalized.
  2. Linguistic Value – Be sure to consider how the name will appear in written form. A powerful name should be easy to write, easy to communicate and easy to spell.
  3. Length – A successful domain name for a business, product or service is usually short in length – usually fewer than 11 characters. 5 letter domains, 6 letter domains and 7 letter domain names are considered a “sweet spot” in domain name development. The longer the domain name the greater the propensity for customer confusion and misspellings.
  4. Alphabetic Characters – A strong domain name should contain alphabetic characters and no hyphens. Be careful when using numbers. They need to make sense in the domain name. A great use of numbers in a domain name is It’s easy to remember, easy to spell … and makes sense. In addition, strong global domain names should be in English and contain all ASCII characters.
  5. Expandability – Consider the degree to which a name is expandable to allow for market expansion or industry changes.
  6. Vitality & Depth – You want a domain name with energy and verve. A great name should be powerful, energetic and have a vibrant “personality.” Also consider the layers of meaning, evocation and associations linked to your domain name. The name should evoke positive associations consistent with the objectives of your startup.
  7. Uniqueness – You want a domain name that differentiates your startup from your competitors. The name should clearly separate your firm from others in the industry.
  8. Positioning – Consider the relevance of the name to your strategic plans and positioning objectives. The name needs to be congruent with the strategic mission, goals and objectives of your company.
  9. Appearance – Think about how the name will look on your website, letterhead, collateral material, advertising elements and on building signage. A great should be clear and easy to read.
  10. Global Implications – Consider the universality of the domain name and its application in an international context. Examine if the name has any adverse meaning in global markets.

Take a look at these premium domain names that we have just developed. Each name is considered “premium” because of the strong vocalization and solid linguistic value. These domains are only alphabetic characters, have significant expandability potential, and have great vitality and depth. Specifically these domains are of solid uniqueness, appearance and global application.

The Dot-Com Extension Means Business

The dot-com extension is the “blue-chip” standard and used by virtually every mid-size and large business. While each country has their own unique country code domain extensions, dot-com has emerged as the global standard. Your customers will simply expect it you to have a dot-com domain extension.

We advise all our clients to always secure the “exact-match” dot-com domain name. That means the company name must be exactly the same as the domain name with “dot-com” added. If a startup cannot secure the dot-com extension, we strongly advise that they move on to adopting another name. Just think about it, if you register the dot-net, dot-org or any of the other available TLDs and your competition owns the dot-com, you’ll likely send a lot of business to your competitor.

New Premium Domain Names at Brandings:

Finally, it’s important to know that each domain name in our inventory comes with editable art files that are ready-to-use. If however the current logo design doesn’t work for your company application, we can change it for you. Simply use our “mix-and-match” form to design elements to create the perfect logo for your business. Our design team will change the type-font, colors and image – at no additional cost. You’ll have a logo redesigned specifically for your unique business application.

To locate a premium domain name for your new company, click here: Domain Search

Whatever your new business needs, we are here to help you find a business name as unique as your company.

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