Logo Design and Creation Process

Logo Design and Creation Process
the right logo design and creation

Let Our Design Team Create a Great Logo for Your Company — only $1695.

Often, the first point of contact between your business and your target market, is your logo. With the right logo design and creation, you can make the impression right of the start.

If you already have a company name however, you’re still in the need of a logo design, our experts can help. Our design team will with you in collaboration, to develop a custom logo and brand identity. Together we will develop a design that will clearly express your business’ goals, consistently and cohesively.  We make sure these factors are clearly expressed to all your stakeholder groups and across all your brand touchpoints.

Our design process is a highly collaborative and is divided into just four steps …

  1. Understanding Your Business. As with a great name, we recognize that a great design emanates from your company’s mission, goals, objectives and positioning.  This relative to your competitors and external market forces.  To begin the design process, we gaining an understanding of your current business.  This “understanding process” includes knowledge of your current business strategy, vision of the future, business proposition, the benefits your firm provides.  We need to know the key elements of your company’s competitive advantage.
  2. Initial Design Concept. Next and only after a name has been selected, screened and the dot-com secured, we’ll work with you to create a brand design that meets your positioning objectives. We’ll develop 50 preliminary design concepts based on your input, our preliminary research and our internal brainstorming discussions. We will present you with at least 20 of our best designs for your input.
  3. Design Revision. We’ll continue to modify the design by fine-tuning size, typestyle, color, layout and other design elements. Sometimes this step only takes one round of revisions, others times it can take up to as many as five rounds of revisions.
  4. Final Design.  Finally, after you’re completely satisfied with the revisions and fine-tuning — and we’ve ensured that the concept meets all positioning objectives — we’ll prepare the final design. You’ll receive your design in the files and formats for multiple uses.

Our custom logo design and creation is available for a flat fee of $1695. There are no additional fees or charges. A great logo for your business, product or service is just a call or click away.

Order Your Custom Logo Design

Order Your Custom Logo Design
targeted logo design

Finally, at Brandings, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please call our Client Service Team today. 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-702-803-6111 (Worldwide) You can also, simply click here to contact our office via e-mail: info@brandings.com

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