10 Reasons Why Startups start with Brandings®

10 Reasons Why Startups start with Brandings

Why are the Hottest Startups Starting with Brandings?

The Brandings Startup Team knows how we’ve helped startups launch on the right foot but, you may not.  For that reason our team has listed the 10 reasons why startups start with Brandings®.  Most of our team has either launched their own startup at one point or was here when we launched this startup.

We know first hand, when you’re preparing to launch a startup, things are happening quick, really, really quick.  And, questions and major decisions are coming at you fast and furious.  The question as to where and who will help you find or develop your brand name, should not be one of those questions.

We also know there’s other brand naming companies out there but, there’s no one like Brandings®.

Finding a name that’s just perfect for your unique business is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make.  Moreover, you know that your name is centerpiece of your brand.

Choosing the Right Startup Brand Name:

Undoubtedly the right brand name will catapult a startup into the stratosphere.  Consider Diply, Pinterest, SnapChat, Spotify, Etsy and Facebook as those “right” brand names.  Conversely, the wrong name could stall you right at the proverbial starting line.  Do you remember these mega-flops such as, Flooz, IndyMacBank and the Edsel?

Our Team knows which names will work and which names wont.  For that reason startups start with Brandings.

As a rule, we advise all prospective clients that when it comes to company branding, you need to really shop around. Compare naming companies, domain registrars, branding firms and name brokers. Do your research and ask tough questions. We’re confident that when you compare all your naming options, you’ll find that Brandings® is the right choice for your start-up.

naming your startup has never been easier

The Top 10 Reasons Why Successful Start-Ups Choose Brandings®

Brandings Has the Largest Inventory of Pre-Developed Names
Reason 1: Brandings® Has the Largest Inventory of “Pre-Developed” Names –

It’s a fact. Brandings® has the biggest online catalog of pre-developed brand names.  Take note, that every brand name in our catalog has been hand-selected and/or developed explicitly by and for our enterprising naming team.

Best yet, all Brand Packages come complete with the exact-match dot-com domain and logo that we’ll changed to meet you specific needs.  Our on-line order process is easy to use and puts you in total control. The largest selection of names means more quality company name choices for you.

naming your startup has never been easier
reason 2 to choose brandings for available business names
Reason 2: Custom Brand Identity — Logo & Design Palette –

You’ll get a ready-to-use brand logo that can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Our graphics team has created an initial design concept for each name in our catalog. We will change the design a little — or — create a whole new concept for you – at no additional cost. You’ll have a world-class brand identity as unique as your new venture.

You’ll also get a custom “Brand Identity Palette” — created just for you. Our experts in marketing, design and consumer psychology understand the interaction of color, symbolism, imagery, balance, evocation and design. We’ll develop an identity that captures the “soul” of your firm.

Your “Brand Identity Palette” will help ensure congruity with all your brand activities.  Hence, as you launch your company and as you grow in the years to come.

naming your startup has never been easier
reason 3 to choose brandings for available brand names
Reason 3: “TM” Common-Law Trademark Protection –

Unlike other Brand Development or Startup Naming companies, with us, you’ll get any and all common-law trademark rights.  This includes the “TM” designation and it will be transferred to you as part of the purchase.

Startups start with Brandings because after the transfer is complete you will have 100% ownership and control of the domain and the mark.

A “Certificate of Purchase and Transfer of Common-Law Trademark Rights” for the mark is available to you, upon request, at no additional charge. The Certificate will document the date Brandings® established initial use of the mark.

And it attests to the continuous use of the mark under 15 U.S.C. § 106 of the Lanham Act enacted by the United States Congress in 1946. The Certificate will warrant that the mark is free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances.  In addition, it confirms that Brandings® has full legal right, power and authority to sell, assign and transfer the mark. Click here for more information on trademark protection.

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 4 Free Starter Website Template
Reason 4: Free Starter Website Template –

You’ll get a ready-to-use website template that will increase your visibility from day one.  It’s without a doubt, the easiest way to establish an immediate online web presence for your new venture.

First of all, this WordPress website template saves you so much time and effort.  You simply need to upload and install it yourself on virtually any web hosting plan.  Best of all, no technical of programming experience is necessary. We send step-by-step instructions but, we’ll gladly walk you through it, if you’re having any trouble.   Click here for a live demo of the the website template.

The template will work as a simple starter website or a fully developed site.  It looks great if you just want to announce that your business is “Coming Soon.” And conversely it works for a more complex website with multiple sections and developed content. We’ve built it with flexibility in mind so your site can expand as your company grows.

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 5 startups start with Brandings for created name
Reason 5: Double the Choice: Keyword Names and Created Names –

For some entrepreneurs, it’s important that their company name contains a triggering keyword.  Startups start with Brandings® because we develop names around your startups key attributes and/or characteristics which you want to promote.  One example would be where the keyword communicates a key element of the firm’s strategy, mission, product or service.  In this case, examples of names would develop would look something like GuestPro, WinnerSmile and IntellaFund.

In contrast, other startups crave a created name.  This created brand name is one that evokes a quality or feeling which is important to the company without actually stating it.  For this type of brand the right choice would be names like Brighters, Smartzyn or IntelleGen.

Deciding between a keyword based or created brand name, will insure that you find right name for your start-up quickly.

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 6 startups start with Brandings for the value
Reason 6: Unbeatable Value –

Our naming team has been involved in launching thousands of new ventures. We know startup budgets are tight.  For this reason startups start with Brandings.  We’ve priced our available names for specifically for startups.  Startups that still want the branding expertise without the supercharged costs of top-flight global brand development agencies.

Startups start with Brandings because we’re upfront and honest in all our pricing.  There are no hidden fees nor surprises.  That’s why we urge all entrepreneurs to shop and compare. Once you do, we’re sure you won’t find a better value — anywhere.

naming your startup has never been easier
reason 7 startups start with Brandings because you deal with humans
Reason 7: Real Live Humans –

We’re always a little suspicious of businesses that don’t provide a telephone contact or an office address. We love the challenge of finding the perfect name for new businesses and like talking to our clients. Even though we’re on the cutting edge of technology, we still like the good old-telephone.

With that in mind, if you want to talk about your naming project, or you just want to kick some naming ideas around, give our Brand Development Team a call. 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA and Canada; Global Clients 1-702-803-6111.)

In addition, if you ever have a question, we’re just a phone call away.  We’re not wedded to the phone, if you prefer to communicate via e-mail, use our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our real live human team members are in the office available Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm (Pacific Standard Time).

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 8 startups start with Brandings because of our Wealth of Brand and Naming Expertise
Reason 8: A Wealth of Brand and Naming Expertise –

Our eight reason why startups start with Brandings® is our brand naming expertise.  Our Team brings together the best of both “art” and “science” with our brand naming expertise.  Consequently, our brand names stand apart in the marketplace. We’ve built a passionate team of the hottest naming specialists, etymologists, strategic planners, creative designers and especially start-up gurus.

The Brandings® team is keenly focused on what it takes to produce and sustain an effective new venture. Each member brings a wealth of experience from top naming firms, design groups, and consultancies to every project. When you acquire your name through Brandings, you’ve put the world’s premier naming professionals to work for you.

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 9 startups start with Brandings because our names are screened and tested
Reason 9: Screened & Tested –

Our clients appreciate the convenience, safety and functionality of Brandings® on-line inventory catalog.  In addition, every name has been preliminarily screened for “ownability” and additionally tested to determine the feelings or emotions evoked.

Our strategy and design team professionals work to develop a preliminary design for the name, one of key element of brand identity. Our Brand Developers are experts in marketing, design and consumer psychology.  Additionally they explore the interaction of color, symbolism, imagery, balance, evocation and other design elements for home-run brand names.

Firstly, our team works to create an initial design concept for each name. If that initial logo design doesn’t work for your business application, we’ll change it.  Our design team will change the typefont, colors and image all at no additional cost.

When you’re done with Brandings, you’ll have a memorable brand package.  Your Brand Package, includes your brand name, dot-com domain and together with your custom-tailored logo you’ll have a presence as unique as your new venture.

naming your startup has never been easier
Reason 10 startups start with us, we've been a trusted source since 1979
Reason 10: A Trusted Source Since 1979 –

The Brandings® team has earned the trust of our clients from our very founding.  Our last reason why startups start with Brandings, is because we do what we say and say what we do.  We follow through.

There’s no mystery about it, nor should there be.  The Brandings Team is transparent in all our undertakings and insure the highest level of safety and security.

Safety and security are, without a doubt, of the utmost importance to us.  From the second you place your order, to every touchpoint on our site, we ensure safety.  In addition, we’ve added an extra level of encryption as a safety measure.

Apart from our safety precautions, we’re now assigning Brand Project Managers to each transaction.  This insures that you’re kept abreast of your project at each step of the way.

Your Project Manager will be easily available to answer any questions you may have about any part of your project.

naming your startup has never been easier
Final Reason Why Startups start with Brandings®

We know there are other Brand Development companies out there but, there’s no one like us.  If the above 10 reasons why startups start with Brandings® doesn’t convince you of that, call us.  Are Team is always happy to answer your calls or emails.  This is the final, and not counted reason, not only are we really friendly, we’ve been in the exact same place as you!

If however, you want to learn more about how the Branding Business Naming Process works, we’ve got you covered. Check out this step by step description of our process.

Brandings® is proud part of the Educational Assistance Council, Inc. family of companies. Founded in 1979 as a research organization, the direction of our parent company has evolved over the years.  But our commitment to quality and client service remains the hallmark of our firm.

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