Branding Typefont Guide

Branding Typefont Guide for startups

Choosing the Right Typefont for Your Logo

When we talk about typeface, we’re really talking about the typestyle, font, lettering and logotype and this must be consistent with the overall strategy of the firm and be in harmony with other elements of the logo.

A good typeface should be clear and easy to read and should not be so detailed that it cannot be viewed clearly when enlarged or reduced.

Many people don’t even consider their typeface when they’re developing their brand but, if there is no consistency between what their brand is saying and typeface in which they are saying it, you may confuse your audience.

brand Typeface and Typestyle guide

Some things to consider with your typeface is weight, boldness, italics, height and kern (the space between letters). Other factors include the use of capital letters, lower case letters or a combination of upper and lower case letters.

Think about whether you want a typeface with serifs or without serifs – called san serif (serifs are the small strokes on the end of a letter). Serif fonts tend to be a bit more readable while san serif fonts tend to be a bit cleaner.

Typefont Categories

For ease of use typefonts are grouped into one of five categories: SansSerif, Serif, Italic, Bold and Formal/Casual/Specialty. Find the typefont that best suits your objectives and provide the typefont name to our design team.

Sans Serif Typestyles

ideal Typestyles for brands

Serif Typestyles

more Serif Typestyles for brands

Italic Typestyles

Italic Typestyles

Bold Typestyles

Bold Typestyles

Formal, Casual & Specialty Typestyles

Formal, Casual & Specialty Typestyles

There is a lot to consider.  Remember you don’t want a flowery script if you brand is serious and you need to convey a strong message.  In the opposite, if you brand in fun and creative a bold and serious typefont is just not for you.

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