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Find out about domain names and how the right name can make or break your startup. The business landscape changes quickly. And, now when you have new business or product you need a evocative business name immediately.

With that said, the Brandings Team has turned the naming architecture model upside-down to provide our clients with a fast, cost effective method in nomenclature development. You also can’t do anything in today’s marketplace without owning the exact match dot-com domain name. So your brand package will include that dot-com domain.

Brandings has undertaken research up-front developing thousands of unique, differentiated and available brands and match domain names. Many of these brands are inventoried in our on-line catalog. Available brands are matched to your firm’s strategic objectives and modified to bring design elements in congruence with objectives.

We skip the fancy-presentations and big-budget meetings of “old school” naming firms. The Brandings approach is value-focused and comprehensive. We provide our clients with outstanding names in a matter of days not months.

The result will be a brand that is unique, concise, evocative, visually powerful, memorable … and (most importantly) available.

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