Catchy Names for a Business

Find a Catchy Name for my Business
Catchy Names for a Business

In business today, you need a name that stands out, dazzles your audience and catches their attention. There’s an old saying that “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  That adage is as true about people today as it is for your startup or business. And, that’s just it about catchy names, a catchy name for a business can catch some much need attention.

Right or wrong, people make a snap judgments about your company in a split-second. Specifically they’ll judge you based on their first contact with your business, your name.  For this reason, you must make sure you have a catchy business name that strongly represents your new venture.

It is key that your brand, product, or company name be something your audience will remember!

Catchy Startup Names Grab Attention!

Face it, your startup may have an outstanding product selection even exceptional customer service. An entrepreneur may even have a clear technological advantage however, your potential customers may never find out. Specifically, your target market may never hear about any of the reasons you’re startup is the best. To clarify, if your business name doesn’t interest your target market and grab their attention, they may simply pass your startup by.

Simply bases on the impression they formed by your name, your potential customers will either want to find out more or walk away. You cannot let this happen to you.

As a result of this first impression, the name you choose for your startup can mean the difference between success or failure. The first way to make the right first impression is to grab the eye of your audience. Any entrepreneur can do this by finding the right catchy name for your startup.

The right name can set up your startup in the good graces of your prospective clients. Furthermore, your name can be the best way to get them to remember you and your business. Simply stated, if your target market doesn’t remember you now, they wont remember you when they need your or your services.

So, What Exactly Makes a Catchy Company Name so Catchy?

Here are a few basic elements of a catchy company name, elements that set these names apart from the ordinary. We’ll start with the basics here then share the underlying factors later in this article:

  • A catchy company name is short, generally between 6 to 10 letters in length. The goal of any business name is to be remembered and easily passed on.  With that said, the longer the business name, the less likely it is to be remembered.
  • Catchy business names are unique.  Catchy does not mean crazy.  One example of catchy name development is to simply take a common name from one industry and use it in another.  unique way or even use a common word in a completely different industry then what people are used to (think Apple as a technology company).
  • If you can’t get the exact match dot-com domain name for your catchy product name then you must move on, simple as that.
  • A catchy business name is made more so by the addition of a catchy and crisp logo. A catchy and creative logo can help take a more ordinary name and transform it into something special. (Remember that your name and logo should work in conjunction with each other and not fight each other).

To give you some examples of catchy company and product names, take a look at these names developed by Brandings®:

Developing a Catchy Name for a brand or Product
catchy business names that grab attention
catchy business names that grab attention

Brandings® has undertaken meta-analysis of successful company names. We’ve deconstructed these names, and we’ve identified 6 key underlying factors which make company names catchy and memorable.

6 Facts that Make a Catchy Company Name

Here are some of the findings from our catch company naming research:

  1. The catchiest company names are short in length and contain only letters. These names have no hyphens or numbers that can often confuse customers. If a number is used, we found that it is incorporated in a way that makes sense and increases the memorability of the name, for example
  2. Catchy company names are easy to spell. We found the best names don’t have bizarre spellings. We also found that catchy names are composed only of English characters.
  3. Each of the most successful catchy business names work to engage and empower the customer. They stand out and create excitement. They are evocative and give the audience a sense of mission of distinction of the company.
  4. 96% of catchy company names has a pleasing texture and sound. When each name was said aloud, the name has a solid cadence and good flow (we call this the “it just sounds good” test).
  5. The visual designs of each of these catchy names were unique and memorable. Each of the names had a strong graphic image that reinforced the key evocation in the name. They captured attention without hitting in a powerful way.
  6. 100% of the catchy business names avoided puns and/or plays on words. Each name stood out on its own without trying to be too clever or too cool.

As we stated earlier, you must be able to acquire the dot-com domain extension for your name choice. In business today, you simply must own the dot-com domain extension. The dot-com extension is the “gold-standard” in business.

Our Findings:

Simply put, your audience will expect you to own the dot-com and if you don’t, you’ll just be sending people to the wrong site, possibly even your competition.

We have even more about developing a catchy name for your business on our blog page; be sure to check it out!

Check out some of these randomly generated catchy company names. Every name developed by Brandings® is available immediately.

Find Your Catchy Company Name Now: Get Started Here

Catchy company names
catchy available names for a startup

Find the Perfect Catchy and Memorable Business Name Now

Acquiring the perfect catchy company name that will stick in the mind of your audience has never been easier.

You can find thousands of “predeveloped” catchy business names and catchy domain names in Brandings® company name database. Just click on this link to search for the right catchy company name for your business.

The best thing about our database is, any company or product name you like comes with the exact match dot-com domain.  No more finding the perfect catchy name only to find out that the domain name has been taken.

Brandings wouldn’t do that to you!

Consequently, we’ve already purchased all the corresponding domain names to absolutely everything you see on this site!

Finally, have a look at these catchy company names our naming gurus just developed.  These attention grabbing catchy names are sure to catch the eye of your potential clients in a wide number of markets.  Our naming experts have developed targeted names for multiple startup entrepreneurs across multiple industries.

Some recent and diverse industries our gurus got to work in include everything from technology services, restaurants, construction, to real estate.  No matter the industry, a catchy business name may help you on the road to success!

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