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It’s no secret, the right cool company name can help make or break your startup. But, it seems like all the best names have all ready been taken.

Designed to help startup and entrepreneurs, we’ve scoured the planet and amassed thousands of startup business names.  We’re now the #1 place to buy business names.   

At last, you can launch your business with a catchy company name, with a matching dot-com domain, and custom logo, all designed to help you succeed.

If you want to find cool business names, you’ve come to the right place. 

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You’ve got a great idea for a business. And now you need buy a business name that will “wow” and bring in customers.

At last, you can now launch your startup with a screened, tested, authoritative business name that will give you an edge, by starting at Brandings.

Here you can buy business names that help your startup standout from the start.

Moreover, if you have an idea for a tech, health care, real estate, construction, retail, or other business you’ll find that “big-league” name here.

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Obviously, you’re serious about success, you know that you need a startup name with a matching dot-com domain. 

With this in mind, each business name you’ll find at Brandings comes with the exact-match domain name.   Quick example – the name “Avoxx” comes with the domain dame “” Now it’s easy to find the perfect domain name.

To start first, explore and find domains suited to the INDUSTRY you’re in — for example “technology,” or “construction.”  

Second, you can also find a name by the PERSONALITY of your company — such as “savings,” “cool,” “fresh.” Finally, you can even search by a KEYWORD — for instance, search “tech,” “net,” or “smart.”   Search Now >

How does the startup naming Process Works

Great Names for Great Companies

At Brandings® we specialize in name development for technology companies, service businesses, professional firms and other growth-driven enterprises.

In particular, we know what it takes to launch and grow a start-up in a hyper-competitive market. Consequently, our naming gurus create cool company names that will position your firm for success in the new millennium.

Our team stays clear of names that have unusual spellings, dropped vowels, or are difficult to remember. At this time we have a catalog of the most innovative and distinguished names on the web. 

That means, you’ll get a cool company name with the exact match dot-com domain name that will give you an edge. Altogether, you’ll have a world-class company name at a price that won’t break your budget.

Of course Fortune 500 corporations have huge-budget naming agencies to help them. For that reason Brandings® leveled the playing field . In short, you get a  “big-league” company name that can go head-to-head with deep-pocket corporations..

We’ll help you find the perfect company name and domain name. Specifically, you will have a company name  that’s fresh,  powerful and memorable. Most importantly, your name will set your firm above others in your industry. 

cool naming business tips

Best Practice from the Naming Pros

Business Naming Trap: Overlooking “Created” Names.

Too often, an entrepreneur will exclude names that don’t have an exact relation to their business.  Other times, they’ll pass over a name that doesn’t exactly describe the product offerings of their new brand – They’re missing out.

“Created” business names have been completely created by the Naming Team here at Brandings. 

These names transcend description and can evoke a quality that is at the core of your company.  Other times, they convey a feeling that can position your firm in the mind of your audience.

Research has also shown that overly descriptive business names or ones that literally describe your business or product can cause issues over time.

A notable example, the International House of Pancakes changed its name to IHOP because they want to move away from just a breakfast business.

Don’t fall into the same trap and overlook a creative Created Name!

Buy a Cool Name That’s Hot

The right name can mean the difference between a start-up that “soars” and one that “stalls.” In particular, you need a cool name that doesn’t feel artificial. In other words, your company name has got to be smoking hot.

For that reason, choosing a cool company name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner. Because your name is the first thing your customer will see.

Of course your business name, domain name and logo will need to capture the personality and vision of your company,  But it needs to do it in a single word.  Clearly that’s a lot to ask!

In fact, the right company name can make the difference between a start-up that soars and one that never makes it off the ground.  As a result, you’ll want to take the time to buy a brand name that’s just right for your new company. For that reason, Brandings® makes finding a cool company name easy and affordable. In short, your “soaring” start-up starts here.

Tip: Created Creative Company Names Rock.

A “created” company name is a purely invented, new, and completely fabricated new word or name. While these new created names won’t be found in the dictionary, they sure sound like they should (and maybe at some point) will be.

The right creative team, like the one here at Brandings, can transform simple letters into a beautiful new name or word.  These newly created creative names can be designed to evoke specific emotions and/or feelings.

Follow this link to see just some of the available, newly created, creative startup names.

Check out more Small Business Tips & Traps.

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A History of Success Since 1979:

“We found to have the best selection of invented domain names. There were so many cool company names we had difficulty deciding.”william C. – Australia

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“You made it a snap to find a domain name for my new company I’ve done a lot of research and you’re hands-down the best place to buy a brand name. I still can’t believe the great price.”
H. Yen Chin – Singapore

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“Using Brandings was a terrific experience. I was able to buy a brand name in a flash. The transfer process was seamless and hassle free. Thanks.”

Griff H. – USA

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“I’ve searched everywhere for the right business name. Without question, Brandings® had the best selection of uber-cool company names and the best prices.” Jeff B. – United Kingdom

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“Brandings did a fantastic job naming two of our products. Their work has been terrific. They make it easy to find domain names that work!” Joe T – USA

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“Brandings made everything so easy. We were able to buy a brand name and domain that fit us perfectly. We love our new name and logo!”

Mike H. – USA

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