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It’s no secret, a cool company name can help make or break your start-up. The Brandings® Team has curated the largest global marketplace of attention-grabbing cool company names to help you succeed.

You’ll get a great name, matching dot-com, custom logo … and more.

Find cool business names perfect for a tech startup, health care business, real estate, construction, finance, IT tech, retail, and thousands of other startups.   Get started now! Learn How it Works >

Tested Business Brands

You’ve found the #1 source for innovative firms looking to buy brand names.  Now you can launch your startup with a screened, tested, authoritative business brand name that will help you succeed – from day one.

Each brand name comes with a changeable logo design and matching dot-com domain.

And you get full transfer of “TM” trademark rights, the corresponding custom brand identity design palette, even a ready-to-use website template … and so much more!     Learn More >

Find Domain Names

Now it’s easy to find domain names — the perfect domain for your idea. We know that you’re eager to get going and to start working.  Because of this, we made searching for an available name quick and simple.

To start your search of the available name catalog, simply find the INDUSTRY you’re in — for example “technology,” or “construction.” Moreover, you can find a name by the PERSONALITY of your company — such as “savings,” “cool,” “fresh.” You can even search by a KEYWORD — for instance, search “tech,” “net,” or “smart.”   Search Now >

Cool Company Names.

Brandings® is your #1 source to buy brand names and find domain names for your startup.

Buy a Brand Name That Soars

The right name can mean the difference between a start-up that “soars” and one that “stalls.”

Choosing a cool company name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner. Because your name is the first thing your customer will see.

So your business name, domain name and logo will need to capture the personality and vision of your company — in a single word (that’s a lot to ask!)

In particular, the right company name can make the difference between a start-up that soars and one that never makes it off the ground. Take the time to buy a brand name that’s just right for your new company. At Brandings® we make it easy … and affordable. Your “soaring” start-up starts here.

Great Names for Great Companies

At Brandings® we specialize in name development for technology companies, service businesses, professional firms and other growth-driven enterprises.

We know what it takes to launch and grow a start-up in a hyper-competitive market. Our naming gurus create cool company names that will position your firm for success in the new millennium.

In particular, we stay clear of names that have unusual spellings, dropped vowels, or are difficult to remember. The result is a catalog of the most innovative and distinguished names on the web.  Cool company names with the exact match dot-com domain names still available. You’ll have a world-class company name at a discount price.

Fortune 500 corporations have huge-budget naming agencies to help them. Brandings® has leveled the playing field by providing entrepreneurs — like you — with big-league branding, at start-up prices.

We’ll help you find the perfect company name and domain name that’s fresh, powerful, memorable, and sets your firm above others in your industry. You’ll start with a name as good (or better!) than deep-pocket, mega-corporations.

Company Naming Tips & Traps

Tip:  Make Sure to Pick a Company Name That You Can Legally Use.

The greatest brand name is worthless if you can’t use it.

While you’re developing brand name ideas, it’s a good idea to check the availability of those names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO for short.  If at some point after launching your brand, you find out that the name you’re using has already been Trademarked you may have to rebrand.

Every entrepreneur should know what “Classification of Goods and Services” their business or product will be competing in. Remember, just because someone is using the same name as you, if they under a different classification, you can both be using the same name.

No matter how much time you’ve spent or money you’ve laid down with a Brand Development company, if you can’t use the name you can’t use the name. Our Team always screens brand name ideas for usage before we recommend a name to a client, you should too.

Tip: Created Creative Company Names Rock.

A “created” company name is a purely invented, new, and completely fabricated new word or name.  While these new created names won’t be found in the dictionary, they sure sound like they should (and maybe at some point) will be.

The right creative team, like the one here at Brandings, can transform simple letters into a beautiful new name or word.  These newly created creative names can be designed to evoke specific emotions and/or feelings.

For example, these names can be created to specifically to grab attention, or they can be designed to sound futuristic, or even with a sense of history or longevity.

Not only can these newly created names grab attention for your new startup but, because they don’t mean anything, they’re incredibly flexible.  That means, as your startup grows, your created name will grow along with you.

Follow this link to see just some of the available, newly created, creative startup names.

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Get naming tips, creative insights, special offers, “insider” guidance and other cool naming strategies from our naming experts.