5 Elements of a Cool Business Name

the 5 Elements of a Cool Business Name that you need to know
5 Elements of a Cool Business Name for Entrepreneurs

Get a Cool Business Name

Your business name is your introduction to potential clients. A lot rides on the name you choose for your startup. First off, right name conveys that your new venture is ahead of the curve and up with the latest technology, trends and styles. Particularly If you’re an entrepreneur launching a IT or tech business your customers are innovators and early adopters. Your brand name needs to signal that your firm is right there with them, and is up on all the latest tech developments.

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, a cool business name is a major competitive advantage.  The right name gives your firm the edge you need to thrive.

What Makes a Business Name Cool?

Typically we usually think of cool names for companies in cool industries. For instance, startups in industries such as gaming, tech, consumer products, and social media are expected to have cool names. However, cool isn’t industry specific anymore. In fact, a cool name is red-hot when adopted for use in a normally traditionally and stodgy industry. Just think how the name Petrol Max or DrPetrol would stand out in the energy industry.  Moreover, they’d perform excellently while standing apart from others within the energy market.

The naming experts at Brandings® have studied tens of thousands of names to determine the underlying factors that make them cool startup and business names, well, cool.

Keeping that in mind, our team of experts have pulled together our top 5 elements that makeup a cool startup name.

Cool Business Name
the elements of cool business names

The 5 Elements of a Cool Business Name

The Brandings Brand Development Team has isolated the “coolness” factor of a name. And, these factors can be broken into five key forces. Below are the 5 key factors that separate the cool from the uncool.

1. Cool Business Names are Unique.  The business environment is crowded with firms hoping for attention. A cool name stands above the rest. It generates excitement because of its uniqueness.

2. Cool Business Names have Brand Potential. A cool business name is rarely found in a dictionary. A cool name conveys a core message that a brand can be built around.

3. Cool Business Names are Evocative. Your name should clearly communicate the personality of your firm and how your core competitive advantage. A cool name should elevate your products and services and evoke a positive feeling about your firm.

4. Cool Business Names are Short in Length. With rare exception, a cool name packs a powerful punch in a few letters. A cool name is short in length, all English characters and easy to spell and pronounce.

5. Cool Business Names are Engaging. A cool business name elevates the brand experience with just the right amount of intrigue, fun and whimsy. The name is current, but no so much so that it could become stale or dated.

Selecting the right cool name, one that sums up the core essence of your products will save your business considerable marketing dollars. In short, a cool name becomes a central tool in your marketing portfolio.

3 Additional Findings on Cool Business Names:

Most Cool Company Names are dot-COMs
the Coolest Company Names come with the dot-com domain
  1. 99% of Cool Names Have No Numbers of Hyphens – Numbers and hyphens can be difficult when crafting a company name. When your customer goes to type your name in a web browser, numbers and hyphens often cause typos and misspellings
  2. 100% of Companies That Have Cool Names Have the Matching .COM Domain Extension – The .COM domain extension is the choice for commerce around the globe. We found that, without exception, that every company with a cool name owned the exact-match .COM domain extension.
  3. 97% of Cool Names Don’t Follow Trends or Fads – It was all the rage a few years back to come up with a Web 2.0 company name. These names drop vowels or consonants. A Web 2.0 name for “Price Rival” is PRYCRYVL. The name is may be trendy, but it’s nearly impossible to remember. A better choice is PriceRival. This name avoids the trend of dropping vowels. Price Rival is a stronger name that customers will know how to spell and pronounce. We found that non-fad names are easier to spell, easier to say and most importantly — easier to remember.

It’s True — Most Cool Company Names are .COMs

It’s a fact … your customers expect you to have the matching domain name to your startup name. Furthermore this domain must be the dot-com TLD extension. There are only a few rare outlying exceptions to this rule, like “will.i.am” (.am is the domain extension for the country of Armenia). Our mantra here is, “If you don’t own the dot-com domain, you’ll have to rename.”

Without the exact match dot-com domain, you’ll just be sending a whole lot of your audience to your competitor; the one with the dot-com. Simply put, if you are engaged in commerce anywhere around the world you must own the dot-com domain extension.

Lastly, and to sum-up, your dot-com domain name must be identical to your company name. For example, if your startup name is Avoxx, your domain name must be Avoxx.com.  Find the right name for your start-up, you can get started here.

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