Fresh & Bold Names

They’re fresh because they’re new and they’re bold because they grab attention.

These fresh and bold available names for a startup or business are just as described, exciting and original.

The fresh and bold business and product names developed by the Brandings Team have been created for broad use across many diverse industries. These names are not limiting to one product and could be used as an umbrella parent company with many subsidiaries beneath them.
If you have any question as to what makes a name “fresh” or what a “bold” brand name looks like, here you go!

  • short 3 letter name
  • 2eml - available innovative business name
  • 5tvr - standout name for startup
  • acustyle - enjoyable style focused company name
  • Adeby
  • Aidry
  • Anageo
  • Anizu
  • Apkee
  • Arbyn
  • Arcings
  • Auxty
  • Begly
  • Brighters
  • brightings - bright name for business
  • Brrick
  • darpy - creative brand name
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