Human Resources

Human Resources

Career Opportunities at Brandings®

Brandings® is an international leader in corporate strategy, marketing, intellectual property and brand development. Brandings® integrates strategy and proprietary nomenclature methodologies to identify and develop unique, evocative and available brands, clearly differentiated and positioned for equity growth in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

Brandings® is currently seeking exceptionally talented individuals for the following position openings:

  • Administrative Assistant/Clerk
  • Graphic Designer
  • Trademark Support Coordinator
  • Client Services Representative
  • Assistant Etymologist/Research Focus

All positions (except administrative assistant positions) require at minimum :

  • BA or BS degree in appropriate field.
  • JD, MBA or Ph.D. for all senior leadership, consultant and strategy positions.
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication.

Salary commensurate with experience. To apply, please e-mail or send a letter of application, resume, three references, and salary history to:

BRANDINGS, Human Resources Department, 2620 S Maryland Parkway, Suite 14600
Las Vegas, NV 89109-8309.

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