Designing Your Brand Logo

Choosing the Right Typefont for Your startup Logo

A Distinctive Brand Identity

Your brand logo is an important part of your company identity. Each brand name package includes a brand identity and logo design at no additional cost. Our designers have created an initial logo concept for each company name. The design is displayed in our on-line catalog.

If the logo displayed doesn’t work for your business you can work with our design team “mixing-and-matching” typefont, colors and image to create a new logo — for free. You have the option to pick design elements from any of our 10,000 on-line logo examples to create a fresh logo as unique as your company.

Here is an example of how the logo redesign process works. Let’s say you are developing a global tech company. After a search of our on-line catalog you identified the company name “” as a perfect fit. You love the brand name, but you want a brand logo with a bolder global appeal than the current image. Our design team can redesign the logo from its original form to your company-specific final design.

brand package with custom logo design

Select Your Typefont

selecting the right typefont for your brand

We make it easy to pick the font for your brand logo. Our graphics team will put together an artboard with your brand name printed in over 800 typefonts. You’ll be able to select the style and look that works for you.

A graphic image is not a required component of a logo. Many great logos only use typefont. Google, Canon and Facebook are hugely successful “typefont only” logos.

You can also let us know if you want to use upper case or lower case letters, if you want to include “.com” in the logo and how you would like the elements arranged.

From this input our design team will redesign the logo and provide you with five design options for your review. These five “mix-and-match” design options are included as part of your brand name package.

using the brand design questionnaire to name your brand

Simply choose your favorite design from the five choices and we will have final artwork prepared and electronically delivered to you.

If you like one of our designs as it’s currently displayed, just let us know and we’ll rush you final artwork in all the files and formats you’ll need for web, print and vector applications.

Our Custom Logo Design Service is perfect for clients requiring unlimited revisions or project requirements that extend beyond the “mix-and-match” redesign options included with the brand package.

We know precisely what it takes to design a powerful custom logo. Our process is highly collaborative – your input ensures that we get everything just right.

As with a great name, we recognize that a great logo design emanates from your company’s mission, goals, objectives and positioning — relative to your competitors and external market forces.

First, we’ll assign a personal project manager to coordinate all elements of your project. The project manager will put together a design team of 3 to 5 of our best in-house designers and will oversee all aspects of your project – from start to finish.

We will ask you to complete our Brandings® Logo Design Questionnaire. This input will help our design team gain an understanding of your current business, business strategy, vision of the future, business proposition, the benefits your firm provides, and the key elements of your company’s competitive advantage.

We want to gain a solid understanding of your company goals and objectives. We’ll want to know the salient attitudes, values and preferences of your target consumer. We’ll also want to know key demographic and psychographic characteristics, if the design will be used in print, online, signs or other materials, any elements that you would like to see included in your logo design, images or concepts you do not want to see as part of the design, and much more.

Second, after three business days after we receive your Logo Design Questionnaire, our designers will get to work.

This starts with with our team developing preliminary concept designs based on your input. These concepts will be combined with our preliminary research and our internal brainstorming discussions. Next, we’ll sketch out hundreds of concepts and will present you with between 10 and 20 of our very best names. You’re input based on these names will be the basis of the next round. The team will get a sense of what you like and dislike. And we’ll develop additional concepts until you find one that you absolutely love.

The key elements of a great logo design include the color palette, the typefont and an image or graphic element. When creating your logo concept our design team will …

  • Use a typefont that is in harmony with the style of the graphic image.
  • Avoid color overload – some of the most successful logo designs consist of only one or two colors.
  • Consider the weight of design, placement of images and objects.
  • Keep the design visually balanced with contrasting and similar objects.

Brand Concepts:

example of brand concept board

Third, after an overall concept has been selected, the design team will modify the design by fine-tuning size, typestyle, color, layout and other design elements. Sometimes this step only takes one round of revisions, others times it can many more. Our designers will continue perfecting your logo until you are completely satisfied.

Brand Design Revisions:

brand Logo Design Process Revisions

Lastly, after you’re 100% satisfied with the revisions and fine-tuning — and we’ve ensured that the concept meets all positioning objectives — we’ll prepare the final design. You’ll receive your design in the files and formats for web, print and vector use.

Final Brand Design:

Logo Design Process Final

Our contract logo design service is available for a flat fee of $1,695. There are no additional fees or charges. A great logo for your business, product or service is just a call or click away.

With Brandings® Custom Logo Design Service you will receive …

  • Personal Project Manager – to coordinate your project from start to finish.
  • 5 Top Brand Designers – more designers means greater artistic diversity.
  • Unlimited Typefont, Color & Image Choices – for the perfect logo.
  • 50 Brand Design Concept Sketches & 20+ Revised Design Concepts – based on your preferences.
  • Unlimited Brand Design Revisions – fine-tuning to get your logo just right.
  • Express Transfer of Brand Artwork in Multiple File Formats – you’ll get final artwork for web, print & vector applications.
  • Three Business Day Turnaround – you’ll have the first round of design concepts within three business days.

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