Elements of a Great Logo

the Elements of a Great Logo

We’ll Customize the Logo as part of the Brand Package to fit your Startup Personality.

One way the Brandings Brand Package stands out for the competition is that our package comes with the logo. Even better, the Brandings Brand Package comes with logo redesign.

While we all know a logo does not make a brand, it sure is a large part and it sets a tone.  So, if you’ve found the perfect brand name but the logo that had been predesigned doesn’t fit exactly what you’re looking for, our graphics team can add a tagline (we can help you develop some ideas for one as well), typefont style, typefont color, graphic size and overall arrangement of each of the logo concepts below.

Just let the Client Help Team know the concept number that best fits your start-up and the changes you would like to make and we’ll get on it. Our top-flight graphics team will work their design magic to customize a logo perfect for your business. (The typefont colors below can be changed to meet your unique look. The colors of the vector images are very high resolution and cannot be altered.)

learn the elements of a great logo

Consider your startups personality when choosing an image for your logo. If you’re looking for something different then what you find on this page, please ask your project manager to make some suggestions or send them links to other logos that caught your eye in the “real world.”

Elements of a Great brand logo


If you have an idea in your head of what kind of logo you’re looking for, draw it out, snap a photo of it and send it back to us. We’ll try to recreate it or find something that matches your idea. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you in matching your logo to your startup and we have lots of suggestions ourselves.

great Elements of a brand Logo

Have you seen a logo recently that you think would work perfectly for your business? If so, send your project manager a link to where it can be found and we can develop something similar in style of feel.

The Brandings Team will NEVER copy a logo. Coping a logo is not only against the law, Trademark Infringement, but can do serious damage to your repetition.

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Your logo is not your brand but it sure sets the tone for it. With the Branding Brand Package, we’ll redesign the logo you’ll find on our predeveloped brand names, to best fit your startup. We’ll even help you develop a tagline for your brand and add it onto your logo.

That’s just another way the Brandings Brand Development Team is helping your startup get started right.

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