What Domain Should I Get for My Business?

What Domain Should I Get for My Business?
It all starts with the right domain name

It All Starts With The Right Domain Name

Just like you have a street address for your home or business, a domain name is your address on the internet. Like a street address directs people to your home, restaurant, or business, a domain name directs people to your website. Taking this analogy further, just like in real estate, not all addresses are the same; location, location, location.

Your domain name is the foundation for your business online.

The selection of the right domain name for your business could make the difference between the success and failure.  You want to start your business off with every single advantage and as stated above, not all domain names are not equal.

While a great company name is extremely important, it is of little use, unless you own the domain name that it matches. We’ll explain why, but first let’s cover some domain fundamentals.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

A premium domain names directs your audience to your website quickly and easily. Premium domain names are short, memorable, easy-to-spell, easy-to-pronounce, hyphen-free … and ALL premium domain names end in dot-com.

There are over 100 million domain names registered worldwide … but only a small fraction of these are premium domains. Like beach-front property, there are a finite number of premium domain names out there.

The dot-com domain extension has become the gold standard of internet commerce. It is the most recognized and respected global internet extension. There have been and will continue to be more and more domain extensions (ie – .US, .biz, .ie) released adding to the confustion. This has only lead to the importance of the dot-com domain extension.

Your audience has come to expect that …

finding the right domain for my business

Your domain name must exactly match the name of your business. (e.g. Walmart = Walmart.com NOT WalmartInternational.com)

get a dot-com domain for my business

Your primary domain name must end in dot-com. (e.g. Walmart.com NOT Walmart.org, Walmart.co.uk, or Walmart.info)

100% of Fortune 500 companies own their exact-match dot-com domain name. A company may own additional extensions like .org, .net, .co.uk, or .ca, but they must own the dot-com as their primary domain address.

There will also be thousands of new domain extensions (like .museum, .realtor, .menu, .uno and .build) released in the upcoming months that will likely cause more consumer confusion and increase the importance of the dot-com extension.

Click here to learn more about the impact of these new domain name extensions: New Domain Extensions

7 Characteristics of a Premium Domain Name …

  • Short in Length – The domain should be fewer than 11 characters.
  • Memorable – Simple to recall.
  • Easy-to-Spell – No odd or confusing spellings.
  • Easy-to-Pronounce – Just rolls off the tongue.
  • Hyphen-Free – No Hyphens or non-alphabetic characters.
  • Dot-Com – Must have the dot-com extension.
  • Exact-Match – Domain name must be the same as the company name.

Examples of Premium Domains:

examples of premium domain names
examples of what your business domain name should look like

Invest in a Premium Domain

Keeping with the real estate analogy, a great beach-front parcel of land is more valuable than inland property. In business, a premium domain name is more valuable than an ordinary domain.

Owning a premium domain name can be expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that your investment in a premium domain name is a powerful, permanent and valuable foundation on which to build your brand. There are some key reasons to invest in a premium domain name …

Foundation for a Strong Brand

Foundation for a Strong Brand – Great companies are built on the foundation of a premium domain. Your brand name and domain name must be the same. If it’s not, you’re going to be sending people to the wrong business.

Reorganization of brand Authority

Recognized Authority – Premium domains evoke confidence and authority.  If you have anything other than the dot-com domain name extension, no one is going to take you seriously.  Your business can not have a .biz, .co, or even a .net domain name.  People assume that all serious business have dot-com domain names.

Higher Search Rank for your brand

Higher Search Rank – Descriptive and creative dot-com domain names usually rank higher in search engine results. Don’t just take our word for it, type a phrase into any search engine and see what domain extension is on top.

better Global Reach for your brand

Global Reach – Universally recognized worldwide as the gold standard. With more and more domain name extension being released, including country code extensions, the dot-com extension has become THE globally recognized universal business extension.

your audience expects a Dot-Com domain

Dot-Com Expectation – Your audience expects to find your company with a dot-com extension. If you have any domain name extension other than the dot-com you’re simply going to be sending your potential customers to the wrong website and that may be your competitors.

your dot-com domain is a Valuable Asset

Valuable Asset – Premium domains are a powerful investment tool and resource. Like real estate it’s all about location and when it comes to domain names, and good dot-com domains are like waterfront property, there’s only so many, making them retain their value more than any other domain extension.

Find The Right Premium Domain Name for Your Business

Finding the right domain name at the right price has never been easier …

You can find thousands of ready-to-use domain names in Brandings domain name database. Just click on this link to search for the perfect premium domain name. Every business name you find on our site come complete with the exact match dot-com domain.

Find The Right Premium Domain Name for Your Business
finding the right domain for your business startup

Whatever your new company needs, we are here to help you find a cool “premium” domain name at a great price.

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