Science & Biotechnology Names

The name for your biotech or science based company needs to stand out from every other company within your industry; that is easier said than done. Biotech company names, not only need to be interesting enough to grab attention but, professional enough that people will take you seriously.

The same is true for your science based business.  Your name also need to reflect that your on the cusp of the latest breakthroughs and newest scientific thinking.

Below are some names that work perfectly for a biotech company or even a product. You just have to find the name that fit is with your biotech company goals and mission.

  • Rhumus
  • RedScions
  • Zymbu
  • Vycloud
  • Vaxxen
  • Saturned
  • PublicFuel
  • PolarFunding
  • zyigs - cool creative and attention grabbing name for tech company
  • Zycian
  • xytrue - short powerful available company name
  • UltiBest
  • grojo short tech brand name
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