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Strategic Corporate and Brand Identity, What Does it Mean for my Business?

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What’s your favorite toothpaste? How about favorite hand soap, paper towel or running shoe? What soda do you like to drink or chocolate bar? If you are like many of the people around the world you can answer these questions but why do we know these things?

Corporate identity gives a name and a face to what you’re looking for. This could be both a great and bad thing. Good — in that it helps you cut through the clutter of the other brands you don’t like. Bad– in that if you narrow in on the one you prefer you might be overlooking a better alternative (be it cost or quality).

So what does this mean if you are starting a business? You need a cut through the clutter, make sure your corporate identity fits your target market and make sure the quality is there. If your product does not meet expectations, people with think twice before buying your product again.

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Significance of Corporate Identity

By Udit Verma

Corporate identity logos give the character to an organization and increase the likelihood of its success. It must be designed, keeping in mind the business goals and objectives to maintain the confidence of your client base or customers. Graphic design designers working for a company’s new business identity package usually include design of logos, envelope & business card layout and several other back up elements. Some of these elements are listed below:

– Corporate design – It includes logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, and stationary.
– Corporate communication – It includes commercials, public relations, and information broadcast.
– Corporate behavior – Internal values, ethics and values

Corporate logos design is the way companies give boost to their value all over the world & differentiate themselves from the others. Corporate identity logos are designed as an exemplification of the business. It is also used to strengthen the brand among its target audience but requires consistency. Study has revealed that companies that hire graphic design designers to get their identity and designs right, generally secure life long customers. This can be easily explained as customers look for the brand or company that they can relate to and trust. Think of Apple, Nike, Facebook etc. These names are the most respected in the business world and part of the credit to their success is due to their memorable design of logos, marketing campaigns and elements present in their new business identity package.

Running a flourishing and productive business in not about being lucky. It’s about making choices that will influence people and increase revenue. A business identity does this by enhancing the market appeal for your business products or services. It’s one of the most fundamental steps anyone can take for their company. So go ahead & get your identity today!

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