Who Won the Company Namings Super Bowl?

49ers vs. The Ravens, who has the better Super Bowl Team Name / Company Name?

We’re talking about who won the company naming Super Bowl, the Ravens or the 49ers. Which has the company name and company brand, you decide?

Who has the better Company Name?

With the Super Bowl freshly in our minds we thought we would play out a bit of a Super Bowl of our own.  We’re having the 49ers vs Raven, which team has the most successful team name or brand.  In the end when you look at it, a team name is really just a product or company name and if you expand that a brand.

With all of that said, let’s look at the two teams.

First we have the San Francisco 49rs. The term Forty Nines goes back to 1849 and the California Gold Rush.  The term 49ers is then a reference to the year, the gold rush began with people flooding into California looking to make their fortune in gold.  Half of the men flooding into California came from the East and literally walked to Sutter”s Mill where the gold was discovered but the other half came by ship pouring into San Francisco harbor.

Second the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens got their team name in 1996 after a naming contest, when the Cleveland Browns moved and need a new name.  The origin of the name comes from an 1845 Edger Allen Poe poem where a man is tortured and pushed into insanity by a black raven.  Constantly badgered by this raven this man is driven into madness.

Now that we know where the names come from and what they are, which one of these teams has the best name in turn have the best company name?

Personally, when I think of gold miners, I usually think of long bearded old men in overalls and a gold pan; maybe someone who talks with a whistle and lives in a shack.  Sure no one doubts that a gold miner”s life is difficult and you have to be a strong and tough individual to live in the wilderness and pan for gold but, I think it’s an odd choice.

That said, the Ravens as a company name is not without its problems.  Edger Allen Poe only lived in Baltimore for one year, yes it was his last year, but that’s a good stretch, to claim the poet as your own.  But looking at the bird, which as has always had an association with evil, I think it’s a much more successful, name, brand and logo.

Ravens have an air of mystery about them, maybe evil and I would think that that’s the point.  They’re menacing looking and seem like a smart animal.

In the Company Naming Super Bowl, like the actual Super Bowl, the Ravens are going to have to take it.  If you’re interested in what we think makes a really good Football Related business name just follow the link.

If you think we’re wrong, please, we’re open to suggestions and would love to hear which team has the best company name or brand name.

Thanks for reading.

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