Logo Design Services | Logos Included in Brand Packages

Logo Design Services | Logos Included in Brand Packages

Who says you don’t get anything for free anymore? Brandings has both free logo design and free business logos, find out what we can do for you, for free!

Logo Design Services

When you think Brandings you think of premium domain names and great brand packages ready to be developed into a huge company or international product but did you know our brand packages come with free logo design or a free logo for a business?

When you find the perfect name on Brandings some people don’t realize that not only do you get the logo you see as part of the package, but we’ll redesign the logo for free to make it better fit what you’re looking to do with it.

Basically we’ll send you a mix and match questionnaire and with this questionnaire we ask you go through our inventory and find the fonts that work for you or the colors that are in line with your company or product strategy give us all the information and we’ll come back to you with five different logos based on your information.

But if you’re not buying a brand package from us and you are still looking for a free business logo we can still help.  Check out our Free Business Logos page where we tell you what to look for in a logo for your business.  We talk about design, styling and a host of other ideas you need to think about when designing a logo.

Who said you can’t get anything for free anymore?  Both the Free Logo Design you would get with a brand package and the Free Business Logos article which should inspire you to design the logo you want are all totally free.

If you have any question about the available Cool Business Name or about our free business logo drop us an email.  Also if you have any tips for logo design let us know, post it below.

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