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Whereas logo customization is one part of the Brandings Brand Package, we’re not just here to sell ourselves.  Everyone here is either an entrepreneur or has worked for a startup at one point or another.  With this in mind, our team loves to share what they’ve learned over the years.  Today our team will share free company logo ideas to anyone interested in continuing down this blog.

In this article, our Logo Development Team dispels the thinking behind the look, typeface, color, visual appearance of a logo.  Moreover, how all these elements corresponding come together to communicate your company’s message.

Creating Brand Logos & Color and Logo Design

Previously, we discussed how a successful company logo emanates from your own company’s strategic mission.  How the combination of both the understanding of your internal and external environmental factors work together for a maximum impact.  Furthermore, we shared how a successful logo design communicates the main elements of your own firm’s competitive advantage clearly, directly and concisely. free logo design tips and ideas

Your own logo is usually communicated to your target audience in a split second. The look, typeface, color, visual appearance along with other elements need to come together in unison to communicate your company’s message.

Moreover, our Team suggested that when you create a powerful logo design you should make use of a typestyle that matches the style of the image.  In addition, you should consider the overall style plus the placement of icons and all the graphic items. You’ll also want to keep your design aesthetically balanced with contrasting and like elements.

Moving forward, this blog we’ll focus on color palette selection.

When designing your own company logo, make sure your logo design is utilizing the colors that best represent your company brand accurately.  Equally important is that the design doesn’t negatively affect your brand’s perception. There are numerous evocations that our style team considers in color selection. This is a quick rundown on the fundamentals that should help you select the right colors for your own business logo.

Please keep in mind that this is just a general summary.  Moreover, there are many conditions, nuances as well as subtleties that alter the application. These free company logo ideas that are discussed here relates primarily to western cultures. Feel free to contact the design team at Brandings to learn about appropriate color selection for a particular nation.

Logo Color Ideas and Concepts:

Red Evokes: energy, power, love, sex, stimulating, intensity, courage
Business Application: bold companies, women’s products, intimacy products

Green Evokes: growth, money, nature, healing
Business Application: financial services, environmental businesses, healthcare companies

Dark Blue Evokes: stability, power, strength, masculine
Business Application: banking, monetary services, technologies firms

Light Blue Evokes: softness, religious, tranquility, clean
Business Application: spas, religious organizations, baby items

Orange Evokes: heat, excitement, stimulating, various
Business Application: unique companies, stand apart firms, children’s products

Black Evokes: luxury, elegance, stability, death
Business Application: technologies, manufacturing, industry, men’s products, great contrasting color

White Evokes: tranquility, purity, cleanliness
Business Application: healthcare companies, purity products, good contrasting color

Brown Evokes: planet, solid, manly
Business Application: men’s items, clothing, industry

Pink Evokes: Number Evocation: feminine, gentle, different
Business Application: Number Industry Application: women’s products, edgy businesses

Yellow: The Color Evokes: energy, light, joy, divinity
Business Application: baby items, women’s products, great contrasting color

Purple Evokes: creativity, royalty, VIPs, magic
Business Application: edgy businesses, women’s items, whimsical companies

Gold Evokes: wealth, power, quality
Business Application: luxury products, status products, prestige groups

Grey Evokes: steel, long term, stability
Business Application: technology, commercial firms, good contrasting color

Final Words on Logo Design Ideas:

Finally, your choice of the right color or colors is essential to your logo creation process.  Consequently, one free company logo idea is to always consider your font color.  A second logo idea tip is reach out for help.  One way we can help, for example, is by releasing our own logo design ideas.  Flip through our catalog and see how our team approached the logo design process.  Consider the design and take into account the category you’re in.  You’ll find a seamless cohesion between the two, for a maximum impact.

Furthermore, the Brandings Team can design a custom logo for your company or startup.  Our team will work in conjunction with you to develop a logo uniquely attuned to your brand and goals.  In fact, our logo design services start from $1595 (USD) which is within reach of most startup business or companies.

Contact the Brandings Client Support Team at 1-800-852-8900 (worldwide callers 1-310-246-5100) or just click here to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

Stay tuned, as we’ll the followup this blog with a discussion on logo typefont followed by a conversation on the use of graphic images.

And of course, with summer right around the corner, thoughts of strolling through a museum comes to mind.  The above available brand names are designed for an Art and Art related brand.  If you’re interested in any of the above, or have any questions, let us know, by posting it below!

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