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Naming an IT Tech Brand is difficult and getting more so by the day.  The name you choose for your tech product or startup has to reflect its application.  That means your ground breaking IT tech startup needs a ground braking and cutting edge name.  Simply naming your brand after its founder, or named after your product or service just doesn’t fly anymore.

So what’s a tech company to do, after all there are only so many words in the dictionary?

Ultimately, more and more companies have been creating new and exciting words to use for their name.  The first way to create a new word is by combining two existing words to create something new.  For example, just look at Corel, this name was created by combining the words COwpland REsearch and Laboratory.  A second example that pops to mind is MicroSoft.  This is the combination of the words MICROcomputer SOFTwear.

Insights and Ideas on Naming an IT Tech Brand & Startup

A second way that tech companies are developing new and exciting names is by using an ordinary word from one industry in a different industry.  This “ordinary” word takes on a new meaning and its unexpected use grabs attention.

Adobe is a word completely dissociated with technology but it works specifically within the tech industry.  Apple is another example of a common word that’s unusual in another, thereby grabbing attention.

There’s yet another way to develop these cutting edge name for an IT Tech startup is by developing a new word.  Beyond being creative, these developed names may be easier to trademark down the road.

If you decide to go with an invented word, do your research!  Make sure the word doesn’t have negative connotations or mean something unexpected in a foreign language.

I hope this little blog, gave you some ideas for a cool technology business name and take a look at some the great tech names that are available at Brandings for some inspiration and don’t hesitate to contact us if one of them works for you!

As always if you have any thoughts about this or any other blog, or have any requests for blog topics let us know, post it below!

Naming an IT Startup

When naming a technology company people expect you to be on the cutting edge and your IT company name needs to reflect it.

Technology is speeding up the world, constantly pushing ahead and bringing new things to light.  When naming a technology company people expect you to be on the cutting edge and your IT company name needs to reflect it. Insights and Ideas on Naming an IT Tech Brand & Startup

It doesn’t matter if your new company is in electronics, networking, cloud computing, hardware or IT service, people are going to be really sensitive to your name.

Because tech companies are international you should never, never use a local or geographically specific name.  People will be using your product on every corner of the earth and naming yourself “New York Technology” will really limit your client base.

Even though you will be doing everything online people will assume you’re far away and you won’t be there to help.  The only time you can get away with a local IT name is a small corner shop computer repair shop.

On the same thought of the non-geographical name you should also think about not using a specific language for your new tech company name.  Why use a specific language to name your company?

We always recommend to our clients think about what we call a “brandable company name.”  These “Brandable” names are designed as non-language specific and non-country specific, they are both universal and edgy.

Even if you don’t want to choose one of our 5 Letter “brandable” Company Names or 6 Letter Company Names, have a look at them.  You’ll get some great ideas on what goes into naming your own IT company.

We also recommend a getting a second opinion on anything you’re doing that’s important.  That said, Inc. Magazine published 10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Name.  It’s well worth the read and you’ll get more great tips than we’ve been able to present to you here.

Cool Technology Names

Brandings has great tips for naming a technology company.  Moreover, many of these tips are ones you many never have thought of before.  Check out these great ideas today.

Naming an IT Tech Brand

You’re opening a tech company and now you need a name.  No matter if it’s IT Tech or a tech research based business, even a tech product, Brandings has the forward sounding name for you.   First, Brandings would advise everyone and anyone to read our “Cool Technology Names.”  Our Brand Development Team has spent quite some time developing this article full of great tips any entrepreneur should consider.

In this article about cool technology names the Brandings team discusses ideas like using blended names.  Most people never even consider this idea but many of these people may not even realize how many great tech names they know already.  Some great blended names include Anatech (ANAlog TECHnology), Corel (COwpland REsearch Laboratory) and even eBay (Echo Bay Technology Group).

Finally, other ideas such as using created names for an IT Tech company are discussed.  Our team believes that these created tech startup names are the wave of the future.  We like to think of these created names as words without meaning, waiting for someone like you to give it one.

If you have any questions about Naming an IT Tech Brand or startup please contact the Brandings Team.  We also answer all questions posted below.  If you have a question about tech startup naming, someone else does too, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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