Brand and Positioning | Where in the Market are You?

Brand and Positioning | Where in the Market are You?

What is a brand without positioning? In fact a brand cannot be successful without clear positioning. How is your brand perceived by your target market?

How to Position a Brand

First of all we have to answer what is a brand without positioning?  In fact a brand cannot be successful without clear positioning.  How is your brand perceived by your target market?  How are your competitors perceived by the same market?

brand positioning and naming
brand naming and positioning

The first consideration of positioning your brand in the specific market in which you want to compete is to know absolutely everything about that market.  It is crucial to develop a comprehensive idea of that market, how old are they, what is the age range, the sex and even the psychographic characteristics of your target client?  What makes your target tick?

When you are positioning your brand it is crucial that you analyze your competitors.  What is it that they do better then you and vice versa.  Jump on the chance to position your brand as having better customer service or a faster delivery time; be the “fastest” or have the “best customer service.”

During this investigation you will discover what your competitors do better then you and obviously the areas you need to fix as your competitor will jump on your failures.

When positioning your brand you have to figure out how it is you are being perceived by your target and how your target perceives your competitor.  You need to get “into the heads” of your target with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.  Test, test, test is what we say here at Brandings.

  • featured buy - brand name for discount based business
  • AutoDirectly
  • BetterFee

Ultimately a brand is meant to align its position with the target markets wants and needs.  The below brands have been developed for Savings and Value.  When you look at these available business names one perceives them as a more cost competitive company.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the below by contacting our Brandings Team by clicking Here and have a look at more of our Business Names that say Savings and Value by clicking here.

Do you have any tips on positioning a brand or building a brand, let us know, post it below!

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