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Over the years, we’ve had multiple people call and ask us about a Domain Name Maker; this left us a little confused.  Over time, our team has discovered that these people who called were actually asking about a Domain Name Registrar.  Enough people have asked, that we thought we’d have our team put together a little information.  We thought we would include info such as what a domain registrar is, and how to use one.

While the Brandings Team has developed a Brand Name Generator, we’re not sure exactly where people get the idea of a domain name maker.  Either way, after telling people that we believe that they’re asking about domain registration, the next question is what is domain registration?

Most people know that they can buy their domain name.  However, they’re not really sure where or how they receive the actual domain.  Nor are people sure how to hold onto the domain or where they even put the domain.  Many people are also confused about the idea of selling the domain at some point.

To start, everyone who needs or wants to purchase a domain name first needs a domain registrar account.  Some of the most popular registrars include companies such as, GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, 1and1, eNom, Joker, and Register.  Since it’s fairly inexpensive to join most these registrars, and we suggest you join and have a look at a few of them.  Typically it cost around $10 USD per year for the registrar hold your domain.

 Domain Name Registrar or domain makerThe Brandings Team knows that domain registration may be confusing for some people.  With that said, the Brandings Team makes domain registration as simple as we possibly can for our clients.  When someone purchases a domain name with us, we help people get you started on the registration.

Registering or Developing Custom Domain Names

We know, we’ve already given you a lot of information on domain names and domain name registration, however, we have more.

If you click any of the following links, you’ll be directed to more info written by our team.  These are slightly longer and more in-depth articles about domain registration and we think they’re well worth the read.

If you’re looking for a custom domain name Brandings is your place.  The Brandings team has been providing domain services to many different companies over many years.  The types and kinds of companies we helped with domains is so numerous and across so many industries, it’s incredible.

It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur is starting a small business or launching a product, you need a exact match dot-com domain name.  The Brandings Team has developed hundreds of names for just this situation.

We can create a custom domain name that will work perfectly.  If we discover the perfect domain name for you but it is already taken and it is available for sale, we can get it for you.  Procuring the perfect domain is easily done as one of our great domain services.

Have a look at our Domains for Sale category section to find the perfect domain for your company or product.  Our Domain Sale is ending in a few days is ending in a few days and our extensive inventory of thousands of names are ready to be used.  They are all available and are ready to be built out by you.

It doesn’t matter if you go with our Custom Domain Name service as part of our many Domain Services or something else.  Either way, you must go to a domain name registrar to hold the name.

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