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How to Name a Company

We’ve recently published a blog about naming a business and we’re going to continue the thought with how to name a company.  When Brandings is discussing “how to name a business” and “how to name a company” there is virtually no difference between the two.

naming a company or brandContinuing on the subject of naming, we also suggest not incorporating symbols or numbers.  While we can think of several successful companies with numbers or symbols they are rare and far between.  Most of them are advertising companies that have a good idea what they are doing.

Now you might have heard this story before but it is worth repeating.  Chevy had a big problem marketing their Nova in Spanish speaking countries (a HUGE car buying market) because the words No Va mean “it doesn’t go!”  Let Chevy take the hit for you!!  Do your research and make sure there is no alternative pronunciation or meaning especially or meaning to your name.  This is particularly if you are doing business overseas or looking to expand into different countries.

Keep reading this blog and we’ll keep giving you lots of great info on how to name a company.  If you have any questions about any of our names or about one of the above posted available home improvement company names please contact our Brandings Team.  As always if you have any questions or comments let us know, post it below!

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The Brandings team is constantly searching for new and exciting names that cut through the cutter. Check out some of the new innovative names at Brandings.

New Names at Brandings

Update:  Brandings is constantly acquiring new, different and exciting company names, product names and names for a business. So, if you are starting a new business and you need a innovative company name, than we have the name for you.  In fact we have a entire innovative company name section full of new and exciting names that will cut through the clutter and get attention.

The Brandings team is continually searching for new, interesting and exciting names for cutting edge companies and products that cut through the clutter.

New Names for Your Business:

Brandings is always on the lookout for new and exciting names for a business. If you’re not finding the name or type of name you’re looking for, please feel free to email the Brand Development Team and we’ll send you links to the right section or names we feel will work well for you.

If you’re looking for a more custom solution to your business name, we also have Custom Company Naming for all different sizes of businesses.

Recently our Director sat down for an interview. He talks about our business and how to develop a great business name; it’s great reading plus full of great info!

Learn How Brandings Develops Great Company Names, Straight from our Director.

Recently the Executive Director, John Geranios, Ph.D., was interviewed for the website, Business Interviews. Here Dr. Geranios not only spoke about his background and why he is so well suited for this particular business but about why company names are becoming more and more important in an ever growing marketplace.

If you are interested in learn why a company name is so important, directly from the top of our company, you’ll want to check out this great article. Dr. Geranios discusses why our company stands out from our completion, by including free logo redesign and our Branding Client Theme which plugs in to any WordPress site, instantly giving it a professional feel and look with the added benefit of ease of use.

We’re quite proud of the article and of Dr. Geranios. He clearly identified our business objectives, to help startups get off the ground and running with a great brand, and he discusses our future goals and our expansion into overseas markets.

To learn more about Brandings, what we do and how to think, this great article will do it.  You’ll get all of your info directly from the top, our Executive Director, we’ve included a link above.

If you have any questions for Dr. Geranios, he’ll be happy to answer them in this blog. Just post your questions below and he’ll respond in the same space. Thanks for reading and get out and start your business today!

2 thoughts on “How Our Team Names a Company or Brand + A Little About Us”

  1. I don’t know about no numbers. There is a big trend lately and maybe this blog is a bit old, but I’m seeing more and more companies with numbers in it. You have a few number domains on your site like 360, 365 and other domains like that?

    Do you think the domain trends are changing?

    • In a simple answer, yes! There are more and more business and products that are incorporating numbers into their names and domains. I’m not sure if it is because good domains are getting harder to get or if it is just a new and interesting trend. There are some really great names incorporating numbers and personally the Brandings team really likes them.

      So if there are anything to get out of this older blog is things have changed a bit and more and more companies are using numbers so try being creative. Our suggestion is that you incorporate the numbers in a way that makes sense and has a good flow to it.

      One word of warning about using numbers in your domain name. For example if you use a number like “9” you may have a problem with people misspelling the number; is it “9” or “nine”? With a largerer number there is less of a chance of misspelling; for example “360.”

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