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There are several great ideas that you need to keep in mind when naming a technology company. Check out these pointers for naming your tech company.

Names for Technology Companies

Google, Apple, Oracle, Intel and Sybase, what do all of these companies have in common?  If your first reaction was that they are all technology companies you’re correct of course!  Well you’re right but that’s not all that they share, and that’s not what we’re going to be focusing on for this blog. We’re going to be taking a look at names for a technology company and technology company naming.

Do you remember the first time you heard these names; Apple or Oracle or even Google?  Did they make sense to you, did you realize what they are or though hmm, that’s quite interesting, if you did you’re not alone.  These names are short, one word company names that all cut through the clutter and they all make you think, and question what they are and that’s just the point.

The technology industry was quite cluttered with names from an earlier time like Motorola (1928), Hewlett-Packard (1935), Siemens (1847) and even Samsung (1938).  These companies simply just took on the name of their founders or town they were based out of (Nokia) before this new crop of technology companies starting looking to compete.

These companies knew that they were the new generation of technology and knew they wanted to be thought of as such.  They wanted to communicate that they were the most forward thinking and most advanced and they knew that they would have communicate this with their name.

This new breed of companies, founded in the 70’s through 90’s, knew they wanted short and powerful names that packed a real punch.  So they decided to go in a different direction from the names previously established.

Steve Jobs stated that the name Apple was chosen because it was “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”  It’s quite a bit different then Siemens and it sounds like it should be in every home.

Google got its name based on “Googol” or the number one with a hundred zeros behind it.  But doesn’t the name also sound fun?  Then when you find out what the name is behind it, it really makes sense.  It too is not intimidating.

Intel got its name slightly differently.  Looking at the name INTegrated ELectronics, based on the integrated circuits that the founders set out to produce, you can see how they put the two names together, but “Intel” by itself can also be seen as short for “intelligent” or “intelligence.”  Intel tells us that you are smart and forward thinking by using the product and that their system is also forward thinking.

Oracle is also a brilliant name for a technology company.  It’s all knowing and by going to it you can get the answers.  Oracle really stands out in a field of names of founders and company descriptors.

You’ll also notice that these tech names are short.  In general these names are under ten letters and there is only one way to spell them.

These names are simple and can be uses in foreign languages as well.  While people may not know what an apple is at first they will with a simple explanation.  Intel, Sybase and Oracle works across the board in multiple countries.

Some Examples of Tech Company Names:

Ok, you’re probably saying where does that leave me?

Well here’s what we want you to get out of this post, get a technology company name that sounds modern.  Something like Sybase which has no particular meaning but the “sy” makes it sounds really modern and forward that that’s a really good way to go.  Choosing a company name that has no meaning but a modern sound is a great and here at Brandings we call them “brandables” and can be made into anything.

Second, get a short technology company name.  You really don’t want to go over eight letters.  Anything else, you just confuse your audience.  This also means that you should just choose one word and not a series of descriptors.

Lastly, choose something that resonates with your target audience.  While this company name is yours it really is for your potential customer.

Take a look at some of the available technology company names here at Brandings and you’ll get an idea of what we mean by short, powerful and forward thinking, even if you don’t care for any of them at least you’ll get a good idea or some inspiration.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know by posting them below and we’ll be more than happy to answer you.

4 thoughts on “Names for Technology Companies | Naming a Tech Company”

  1. Yea, I guess you have to have a futuristic if you have a technologically forward company. Maybe us techy people love forward and interesting names and we know them when we see them!

    • You “techy” people sure do love forward and interesting sounding names and as do we here at Brandings. Because technology companies need to seem as if they are forward thinking and always breaking ground as far as technology is concerned, they need to convey that to their potential customers, and the best way to do that is with their name.

      Technology companies need forward thinking names and that’s why we love them. Thanks for your comment and please let us know if we can help develop a tech focused name for your business.

  2. I didn’t know that’s where Google comes from, that’s cool. I also didn’t realize that some of these tech companies were so old, and that would explain their old fashion names!

    • Thanks for your comment, we couldn’t believe it either! Who knew? You could almost see the progression of tech company names from the oldest to now. I must say, I don’t know if it’s because I’m influenced or not but I still like IBM as a name. Sometimes some companies just have cool acronyms.

      The other older tech company names are quite dated. Thanks again for your comment and check out what we think makes a great tech company names!


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