Blog Naming | It all Comes Down To What Your Doing With It

You’ve got the passion and now you want to share it with the world.  You’re starting a blog.  Great, now it’s naming a blog that’s tripping you up.  

In our own blog, this week we’ll share tips on naming your blog, the good the bad and the ugly. naming your blog

Simply put, if you’re a creative person with a creative blog, you’ll want a creative name for it.  Being happy with the blog as a creative outlet, where you express feelings, a long tail creative name is great.

However, if you’re looking to make money or connections from this blog, it’s time to get serious about your name.  In this situation, the long yet creative name isn’t going to cut it.  Blog names like brand names, for maximum impact should be both poignant and short.

Consider how someone will come upon your blog.  Now consider your blog name choices and ask yourself, if that name would entice you to begin reading.

With Naming it all Comes Down To What You’re Blogging About

As an extreme example, your new blog name is “Unicorns & Starlight” and it’s a truck repair blog.  Consider the other repair guys coming across your blog with that name, will it still work?  Conversely, the same name will work perfectly for tween girls.

The blog would be much better served buy an auto based blog name.

A new disadvantage has been handed down to long tail blog names.  Recently Google announced that while they wont punish long SEO rich names, they wouldn’t give them any advantage either.

Our team here always advocates “the shorter the better” to any name, blog or otherwise.  With blog naming, there’s a bit more leeway.

Above are some of Brandings available names that would make great blogs.  While they are not “dot-blogspot’s” they can easily be made into Word Press sites or any other platform.

Lastly, were really friendly here.  I don’t know why I felt compelled to say that but, now it’s out there.  With that said, if you have any questions for the team, please reach out.  Well gladly answer emails and pick up the phone; let us help you.

Even simpler, post your questions below!

2 thoughts on “Blog Naming | It all Comes Down To What Your Doing With It”

  1. Blog names can be a bit longer and come from the heart. Normally I would say names need to be short and powerful but if your blog is about hunting for turkeys, huntingforturkeys.blogspot would work just fine. Everyone who is reading it will know exactly how to spell it.

    Nice post.

    • Thanks for the complement and thanks for the comment. Yes I do believe that blog names and can be a bit longer. I say that only because if people are reading your blog, they are going to be interested in the subject that you’re talking about and should be able to spell it. I also say that because your blog name can be descriptive and descriptive names tend to be longer.

      I really think that if anyone is looking for a blog name, that they check out the blog name generator. This generator will come up with short and powerful blog names, all of them without the .blogspot extension only the .com.

      Thanks again and let us know if you have a blog or if you’re looking for a name for blog.

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