How to Approach Naming Your Brand

Brand Naming | How to Approach Naming Your Brand

When it comes to how to name a company we have a few tips. Check out some of Brandings’ “How to – Company Naming” blog today!

How to Name a Company

When it comes to how to name a company or more importantly how to name your company, Brandings always suggests that you start by creating a small naming team.

Brandings suggests a small team because all too often a large group can be harder to manage and great bold ideas can get lost in trying to make everyone happy.

On the flip side of keeping your naming group small, you should get input from just about anyone who would come in contact with your company.  This group can include your employees, employers, stockholders, vendors, friends, family and especially potential customers.

You should get all the input you can from them about how different names sound, is it hard to remember, do they have any suggestions.  This group might even let you know the names of other companies they like, what they like about other companies logos, colors or fonts that you can consider later in the design process.

Some tips we always give in company naming is a suggestion to not just go with descriptive names.  I know you want to name yourself “Village Garbage Disposal” but don’t forget about a brandable or made up name like “Vogly Disposal.”

The domain would probably be available and you would be more than likely be able to register the name with the US Paton and Trademark Office.

Now, take all the info you’ve received and go back to your small naming group.  Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each and every name.  Once you’ve narrowed the field, consider going back to some of the stakeholders and see what they think, they might see something you don’t.  In the end, you should have a pretty good idea of the new name for your company.

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