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how to name a startup

When it comes to how to name a startup or company, our Naming Team has developed, our team are experts.  Over the years, working on multiple startups and products, we’ve developed a few tips.  The tip we’ll share here, is one of the first things we noticed when we launched our own startup. 

How to Name a Startup – How Should I Approach it?

When it comes to how to name your company, Brandings always suggests that you start by creating a small naming team.

The first reason we suggest a smaller naming team is, all too often, the larger the group, the harder they are to manage.  The second reason we suggest a smaller group is, too often great and bold ideas get lost, trying to make everyone happy.

While we suggest keeping your naming group small, you should by no means only get info from that group.  You should get input from just about anyone who would come in contact with your company, particularly your target market.  The group can get input from your employees, employers, stockholders, vendors, friends, family and especially potential customers.

Although, you’re getting input from everyone and anyone, the decision for your name should only be discussed within your smaller group.  Remember to ask your group about how the different name ideas sound and if they’re hard to remember.

You may want to ask both your smaller group and other respondents if they have any name suggestions of their own.  Your group might even let you know the names of other companies’ they like. They may also say what they like about other companies’ logos, colors or fonts that you can consider later in the design process.

Where Should You Get Your Tech Naming Tips

Some tips we always give when company naming is to not just go with descriptive names.  We know it’s very tempting to name yourself “Village Garbage Disposal.”  While this may sound good at first, you may find a descriptive name may be limiting down the line.  Also remember that a creative or custom-made name “Vogly Disposal” won’t limit you to garbage and garners interest. 

These creative names will likely have the dot-com domain available.  And, you’ll have a better chance at registering the name with the US Paton and Trademark Office.

Now, take all the info you’ve received and go back to your small naming group.  Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each and every name.  Once you’ve narrowed the field, consider going back to some of the stakeholders and see what they think. It’s possible that they might see something you don’t.  In the end, you should have a pretty good idea of the new name for your company.

As always let us know what you think about this or any other blog, as well as any blog suggestions.  As the Brandings Blog mantra goes, “Let us know, post it below!”

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