Interactive Marketing & Online Marketing, What Can You Do?

Interactive marketing is so important for any business especially if you don’t have a lot of money for advertising. Check out some great tips for start-ups.

Interactive Marketing & Online Marketing – What can you do?

So you’ve targeted your market and developed your brand. Your target hasn’t responded to some of the “old school” forms of marketing such as flyers and circulars. And you don’t have the budget for traditional television and radio advertising. What options should you pursue?

Interactive marketing, also called online marketing may be a low cost, high yield alternative worth pursuing. At the onset, make sure you have a site worthy of visiting. It doesn’t need to have all the flash graphics, bells and whistles. Bet it needs to be clean, clear and most of all informative. You can’t have an outdated site if you are looking for the young and hip. Next you’ll want to optimize the site so the search engines will be able to find it. This is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) for your target market. Make sure when they are typing in your product or service in a search engine you are one of the top rated sites. This strategy is low in cost, but very time consuming.

Have some advertising dollars? Create online ads or better yet create a pay per click account with one of the search engines. Make sure however that you are very, very specific about what words you will pay for, because you don’t want to spend your entire advertising budget targeting the wrong market. If you are too broad you might get clobbered by a large company with more advertising dollars.

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Use Interactive Marketing to Drive Visitors to Your Website
By David Santiago

Viewers nowadays are starting to tune out and disengage with the former mainstays of advertising, and marketing professionals are beginning to notice. Websites are always increasingly important when developing the brand of a company and describing the services and products that they offer – even if the business does not operate online. Read this site if you want search engine optimization information.

One of the big advantages of Internet Marketing is the ability to target potential buyers in an environment where the viewer has the control of experiencing the brand message of a company, and for little or no cost they can gather data to analyze the effectiveness of the site and be able to make the necessary changes if needed.

Search on the web for the products and services your business offers, which comes up first on the search – you, or your competition? Current research has found that two thirds of all websites are found with the use of a search engine. Because internet marketing is the practice of bringing visitors to your presence on the internet, you should be aware of the different techniques that are used for this purpose. The best methods available are generally not intrusive. These allow your customer to discover you.

Is it a waste of your time to invest in paid searches? Search engines are continuing to become larger, more efficient, and in some cases more selective, but they are the latest frontier of the internet, and they aren’t going anywhere. You can advertise on a search engine by bidding on the location of an ad that will use particular key words and phrases that will hopefully be used by a potential customer to find your business. Typically the minimum bid per click on a search engine starts at ten cents, some of the price will be based on how common the keywords are that you are choosing to use, as well as how many other companies are competing for the same keywords. When a potential customer types in a search in a search engine that uses the keywords that you placed an ad for, your ad with a link to your website will appear. It’s very efficient for your business as it only cost you when somebody opens your website from the search. You can get the best search engine optimization Sydney information by visiting this website.

You can also, in many cases, limit your ad to searches by people in a certain geographic area, meaning your ad won’t show up to someone searching on the other side of the world where your product or service may not be available. One positive aspect of this practice is that search engines provide plans that fall within the budget of any company. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay, the search engines can give daily or monthly budget plans to show your advertisements over a period of time.

If you want to improve your ability to be found without paying for advertising you should consider using Search Engine Optimization, which will allow you to use certain strategies that will earn you a higher ranking on a search engine. If the search engine is highly efficient, it will look for the website that is the most relevant to the keywords the searcher is looking for. Using SEO methods one can improve the quality of their website and control how a search engine will view its importance, thus raising the page ranking.

There are quite a few important aspects involved in SEO aside from submitting your site to search engines and choosing keywords. It includes anything from analyzing your HTML and cleaning up your site’s structure, testing and verifying that everything works, adding content and improving your keyword usage. Potential viewers will most likely overlook your website if you are placed lower than somewhere within the top 10 search results. Your ranking is especially critical because of studies showing that most visitors find pages through search engines. Unfortunately, many users rarely navigate beyond the first page of search engine returns and pretty much never go beyond the first three pages.

A successful marketing campaign should also employ the key element of traditional offline strategies to promote your web site. Just building a website isn’t good enough, you will need to devise a strategy to bring in some traffic. Don’t forget that the modern audience is a tough sell. You need to convince them that your message is valuable enough for them to want you to communicate with them in the future. A combination of offline and online advertising is being used more every day by a wide selection of businesses.

Having only one technique is no longer enough to be successful, or even competitive, in today’s business world. In order to build up a solid and comprehensive sales plan, you should develop a combined effort using both traditional and internet marketing tactics. Only with a combination of solid Internet marketing and offline marketing can you finally generate the traffic your website needs.

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Update – Lately we’ve been going through our blogs and printing updates to what we said a few years ago and usually we find that the ideas are still the same but in reading this particular blog it’s quite dated.

The author we introduce talks about how internet marketing can help a business.  There is NO way you can have any business without an online presence.  Whether you’re a small company or large you need to have a website and you need to have a .com.

Even if you are small your website needs to describe your business and at least have your contact information.  If you are a large business your website needs to be much more involved but that’s a blog for another time.

You website, big or small, also needs to be a .com.  If you are not a dot com you are just going to be sending people to the wrong site or worse, your competitor.   To see great examples of why you should only have .com domain name check out one of our more recent blogs.

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