Startup Checklist a Small Business Operational Planning

The Brandings Team has developed a small business operational planning startup checklist specifically to help entrepreneurs. This list help entrepreneurs get their startup business off the ground the right way.

We know that the “launch period” of your small business may be the most hectic period of your startup’s or even your life.  Our research has found that even the most experienced entrepreneur can miss one or more important steps in the process of launching a business.  With that in mind, our team has pulled together a this startup checklist so nothing is overlooked.

Startup Small Business Checklist

First we must start with an apology. We got a little sidetracked off the series of questions every entrepreneur should be able to answer. However, we’re back this week. I hope you found the other article on how to creating free company logos helpful.

Next order of business, with only three more posts in the series to go, this post is about Operations Planning. This may be one of the most important subjects and often overlooked. The military refers to this as “boots on the ground.” And this, “boots on the ground” refers to the actual day to day operation of the business.

For example, many entrepreneurs believe, if they simply open their doors people will come flooding in. You may have the greatest product or brand, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get customers. Worse yet, people may not even know you exist.

And, when you do, you’re in a panic to complete the order. There is no worse time to hammer out your supply channel and delivery then after you get an order! Enjoy the questions below:

Our Team developed a business startup Operations Planning check list

A. Startup Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives
B. Development & Structure
C. Market Analysis
D. Product & Service Offering
E. Competitive Environment
F. Strategic Planning
G. Marketing & Sales Planning
H. Organization Structure & Management
I. Operations Planning
J. Risk Analysis & Contingency Planning
K. Financial Plan

This blog will focus on one area — Operations Planning

Following are a series of 11 questions that will help you in the operational functions of your new firm.

This list of questions should trigger discussion and more questions. The time you spend now could make the difference between success and failure.

Answer the Following Operations Planning Questions:
  1. Describe the processes for product and/or service delivery.
  2. Important factors in selecting a location?
  3. Type of customer service and support do you plan to offer?
  4. Facility and staff requirements?
  5. Regulatory issues that impact the business?
  6. Permits, licenses and legal issues need to be addresses?
  7. Type of insurance will you require?
  8. Type of inventory is required?
  9. Who are your key suppliers?
  10. What are your credit policies?
  11. How do you plan to manage your accounts receivable?

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