Naming a Blog to Best Suit Your Style

You’ve got the ideas and you’re going to start a blog.  However, now you can’t figure how to even come up with blog name.  You’re in luck, we’ve got some tips and even things to avoid when naming your blog, below!

Naming a Blog that Suits Your Style

You just can’t wait to get started on your new blog!  You’ve got so much to say and you want to tell everyone.  But, now your biggest problems you’re facing is, you just can’t figure how to come up with blog name.

That got us thinking, just what is it that makes great blog name?

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that we dedicated to discussing naming companies, naming business, restaurants and products.  In fact, our team are experts on naming.  With that in mind, today we’ll share our tips on how to name a blog and the traps to avoid while doing it.

Tip #1: Blog Name Should Equal you Domain Name:

Our fist tip is that your blog name should be your domain name.  For example Gawker is Gawker-com and The Daily Beast is TheDailyBeast-com there are only a few examples where this isn’t the case and the ones that do are the exception to the rule.  Now with that said your great blog name should be short, easy to communicate and be descriptive of your blog.

Here’s the downside to what I just said, most short, easy and descriptive domains are already taken, sorry.  Fear not new blogger, there are some other ways to work around this, there are tricks to everything.

Tip #2:  Consider a Sub-Domain for Blog and Build Name around it:

Google and many other companies now offer “subdomains” where you can host your blog.  If you’re blog is about flowers, well “” is already taken (check the 90’s) but perhaps is available or perhaps flowers.blogspot-com is available as well.  Just check with the different web providers to see which have the subdomain that best works with your blog.

developing the best name for your blogTip #3:  Build Blog name around Expanded Domain Name:

Another way how to come up with blog name is to work around an already taken name.  “” is taken but how about expand on that name a little.  Now everyone that reads our blog knows we like to keep the domains as short as possible.

In general the longer the name the more possibility there is for someone to make a mistake in the typing and they get sent to another website and worse a competitor.  If your blog is just for your personal satisfaction and not a money generating blog you can expand the name out further.  “Flowers” is gone but “Flowers of the North West” might work.

Because your blog is designed around “flowers of the North West” anyone reading will be interested in the subject and will be less likely to misspell the domain name.

For more info on how to name a blog just check out or Name for a Blog entry and keep checking back here. We’ve had a number of requests about this subject and will be bringing you more tips in the future.  We also want to point out that we’re not the only source for info.  Inc. Magazine recently released an article about naming a blog and it’s well worth a read.

As always we encourage feedback from you our readers, just post your comments below here are be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and you can leave comments there as well.  If you like us or want to add us as friends that would be great.  We will see you back here next week with more info on Naming.

2 thoughts on “Naming a Blog to Best Suit Your Style”

    • Thanks. We agree because a personal blog is about a subject you love and will attract other people that love the subject, if the blog name is an “insider” name or phrase we think that’s totally fine. For instance a Star wars blog can be something, your audience will know how to spell that and it’s not a problem.

      If on the other hand you are looking for a wide audience you’re going to have to name your blog something easier and broader. Thanks for your comment and we would love to check out your blog if you send us your address.

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