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The Rare and Elusive 5 and 6 Letter Brand Name

Every, or nearly every, dictionary word has already been registered and is in use for years now.  Every entrepreneur and startup founder wish they had those names, there are plenty of other interesting and brandable domain names left.  Simply using your imagination and thinking outside the box, we’ll teach you how to create one.

When was the last time you saw a 5 Letter Brand Name?

First, we want to tell you you’re not alone.  Everyone on our team all wish we were smart enough to have purchased those great domain single word domains twenty or so years ago.  We wish we purchased them when the internet first came out but, without a time machine, there’s nothing that can be done about that situation.

Just thinking about buying a single dictionary word domain name for $10 when they first came out, is making us drool.  Consider it, not only would you have the best premium domain name out there but, you would sitting on millions of dollars in domain property.

While those days have come and gone, it doesn’t mean you can’t still find a great short name at a reasonable price.

As an example, let’s just say  that you’re opening an auto glass company, you fix or replace auto glass.  Your ultimate goal is to find a short and memorable name that both resonates with and easily remembered by your prospective clients.

Glass-com has already been registered and if it were up for sale, 99.999% of us would never be able to afford the hefty price tag.  Even if you add the word “auto” to glass, you’d still have to drop a $100K for it; also well out of our price range.

Don’t get discouraged, you just have to think outside-the-box.

Considered a “brandable” or “created” 5 or 6 letter domain name.

If you don’t already know, a “brandable” or “creative” name is one that our Brand Development Team has put together or custom built.  These names sound good, look interesting however, have no specific dictionary definition.

We’ve found that so people, at first hearing about these names, think they’re odd until they hear about all the huge brands already using them.  For instance, consider these short brandable or creative names in use: Google, Skype and Yahoo.

Our Brand Development Team has built a huge inventory of short, very brandable domain names exclusively for us.  These brandable company names are ready to be developed into something huge.

We’re interested in hearing what you think.  Let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions by posting below.

Oh, in case you don’t want to develop a 5 Letter Domain by yourself follow the link to see the names we’ve already developed.  Even if you’re not interested in these specific names, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

Don’t get all your info from one source.  We’ve found many articles extolling the virtues of these names, below is just one of them; check it out.

Branding Your Business With a Domain Name

By John Motson

I have always preached that there are still many quality domain names to be registered at reg fee. Now, before you start throwing stones, hear me out.

Yes, the dictionary .coms are gone. And yes, most quality overture two keyword .coms are gone. However, does your business really have to have a dictionary word, or a big overture two word domain to be successful? Google, Ebay, Kazaa, Skype, and many others didn’t think so.

Large corporations were the first to notice that domain speculators have been quite busy in the domain market.  These companies quickly found that individuals were buying up all the terms and words in the dictionary.

Rather then pay the exorbitant amounts that the domain speculators ask they were left with few options.

Much to the industries surprise, there were a few happy outcomes.  First, companies found ways around these domain speculators.  They were able to brand their own new name.

Second, they found these names caught the interest of perspective clients.  Third, they were easier to trademark when the time came down the road.

Fourth, startups were able to grow and expand as they matured.  Had they been stuck with a overly specific name as opposed to a created name they may have been stuck to one product or industry.

Our Brand Development Team, doesn’t believe that Google would be as successful as they are, if they were called Search.

There are always, and will always, be brandable domain names that you can buy. There are over 16 million possible five letter combinations. How many possible combinations are of the 6 letter kind? And 7 letters?

In today’s world, branding is the key to buying a successful domain for your business.

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Update – In going through our older blogs we’ve come across some great posts that we’re glad we’ve rediscovered and this one is just one of them.

This article is a few years old now there are still great five and six letter brandable domain names available to register (or find on our five letter domain names or six letter domain page, don’t mind the shameless plug).

We’re not kidding, there are many, many five and six letter domain names still available ready to be registered.  Since this post was originally posted, there are fewer but, they can still be found.

That said, we still agree with the author of the article.  Brandable or created domain names are the way to go.  The fact that most people don’t know what a “Brandable” domain name is means that they are ripe for investment.  On a side note, even the term “Brandable” is so new that all of the spelling checks call this a misspell.

We’re really impressed with the idea that the author thinks that Google would not be Google if it were named “”

Our Team agrees with the author, a brandable and interesting domain name can really start your company off right.  We always think that in a crowded marketplace, a brandable name can stand out and set your business apart!

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