Examples of Catchy Restaurant Names

The Brandings Brand Development Team is always on the lookout for exciting and catchy restaurant names or simply catchy business and product names.  Often, we just run into one.

Now, we come across these names in a number of different ways and fashions.  Although most names we collect from seeing them on the street, we rack up quite a bit simply by watching TV.

In reality, we’ll be rushing to work, when we glance a great name on side of a van or on a storefront.  Additionally, we’ll be invited to meet friends somewhere for a drink or a bite.  In that case, we’ll arrive at the allotted location just to find it’s a bar or restaurant with one of those creative names.

Similarly, we’ve caught names on the sides of buildings.  And, on the other hand, we’ve even learned about businesses from ads on a giant blimp.

It’s important to realize, the world if full of creative business and product names, we’re surrounded.  No matter how we come about these names, we’re going to start bringing them too you.

After a long debate and consideration among the team, we’ve decided to break these names down by industry.  For clarity sake, this format is much more useful as opposed to a rapid fire of catchy, scary, or interesting names, without any structure behind it.

Taste These Delicious and Catchy Restaurant Names

Moving forward, in this example, we’re discussing catchy restaurant names.  Ones that we’ve seen recently and ones we just love.  More significantly, we’ll delve into why these names work and how you can develop one of your own.

With all that said, we’re going to try something new here at Brandings.  In the past we’ve only posted onto FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest the catchy names of restaurants that we like.  Now we’ll be posting them here and really getting into how the names work.  It’s all very exciting!

We’ll still be frequently posting names to our Social Media.  Our team has found that there’s no better way to connect to customers and fans; it’s simply AMAZING.  Despite the fact that social media has changed the world, they don’t necessarily allow for deeper exclamations.

As we continue to add and build this list, please use it as resource where you can turn and learn to develop a restaurant name of your own.  Although this list is all restaurant names, you’ll still be able to use these tips for or any other business name.

Keeping this in mind, sit back and get ready for some great tips.  And, as always, please feel free to post restaurant names that you love in the comments below.  We’ll be happy to discuss them as well.

Thanks for reading!


#6 Examples of Creative Restaurant Name

Recently the nephew of a coworker, let’s call him Bob, came bounding into the office with stories about his trip to Greece.   Specifically, “Bob,” couldn’t wait to tell his Uncle, and frankly anyone who would listen, about the restaurant where he and his friends had eaten while traveling.

catchy name for a restaurant
catchy restaurant business name

(Caution ahead, there will be a reference to a lewd term but, we won’t get into the specifics!)

His favorite restaurant is called, and we kid you not, MILF, Meat I Live For.

Ahem…  now any American, English, Australian, heck any English speaking boy or man of a certain age will know exactly the reference.  Because it’s pretty lewd, we’ll let you go ask them what the restaurant name means.

Catchy Restaurant Names

But, as we just learned the backstory of this lewd restaurant name and phrase, it goes back to the American Pie movie series.  If you care to learn more about the back story, we suggest you check out the American Pie fan site, here.

We’re unsure how this restaurant came about the name, there are any number of ways.  Firstly, the restaurant may have a connection to the movie or Jennifer Coolidge who played Stifler’s Mom the source of the phrase but, it’s unlikely.  That said, the owner may be a producer, investor, extra in the movie or just a big fan, hey it’s a possibility.  Secondly, the owners had absolutely no idea what the acronym means in the English speaking world.  In this case the name is just a coincidence.

However, there is another option, one we think is most plausible.  The team here thinks this restaurant name was designed to be catchy and designed to grab attention.

This grill is based in a touristy area in Athens.  You can find it near many hostels and tourist based hotels.  Apparently, there are not only young people, mostly guys, filling the restaurant but, standing outside taking photos.  Still other people, go inside just to buy their merchandise.

Our team at Brandings may never know how this restaurant came about it’s attention grabbing name but, we thought we would share it with you.  You’re welcome!

If you want to know more about this place or plan to visit, check out their website here.


#5 Examples of Creative Restaurant Name

freshii - creative name for restaurant

To being with, we came across this great restaurant name in Chicago a few years ago and instantly fell in love.  To be totally upfront, we didn’t get a chance to eat at the establishment as we were running past to a previous appointment.  However, the name stuck with us and we were unable to get it out of our head!  

After a little investigation we found that Freshii is a new and exciting option for fast food.  Notwithstanding, we really should have guessed from the fresh and exciting name.

Freshii is an interesting derivation on the word fresh with two additional “ii’s” on the end.  We’re unsure if the “ii’s” have a specific meaning or they just they’re just a fun and interesting addition.

In either case, we love the name even more when added to the logo.  The green conveys freshness, and we like how the tittle or superscript dots above the “ii’s” evokes a smile.

The name you choose for your restaurant, or any business for that matter, needs to convey the kind of establishment you are.

For instance, Freshii is a fun twist and a new and exciting name.  Guess what?  Freshii is a new and exciting restaurant with new kind of healthy, fresh, and exciting menu.  There’s cohesion between the name and the establishment.

Well done Freshii.  Your name and logo fit perfectly together for a knock out creative restaurant name!


#4 Example of Creative Restaurant Name

Second example is a little different then restaurant names that we’ve commented on in the past.  This time instead of being a restaurant name we want to talk about, here we were just overtaken by the tagline of this bar.

our place 2 - differentiate with creative restaurant name

While the bar name is fun and clearly an expansion on the first bar they opened, when we saw “Warm Beer – Tasteless Conversation – No Food” we were struck by the creative, honest, and fun tagline of this bar.

Usually people are always promoting how cold their beer is, how great their food is, and the amazing and cool people you’ll meet at their establishment.  What makes this place stand out is that they went for the exact opposite of this.   In doing so, grabbed our attention and businesses.

Sometimes in restaurant naming, going with the reverse of what others are doing grabs attention.  Developing a reverse or honest tagline, you can grab the attention of potential customers.


#3 Example of Creative Company Name

Third restaurant business name that caught our eye is “Cos Bar.”  This is just one of those great restaurants and bars that you just notice when you cruse by one day.  You’re just walking around and suddenly this name and great place grabs your attention.  You take a look at really get excited to go in there.

oxford grill - name for restaurant

One thing that grabbed our attention about the name is that it is really only 3 letters long, six maybe if include the word “bar.” Either way you look at it, it’s really, really short.

Restaurant Naming Tip: like our first restaurant name keep the name of your restaurant short.  A short restaurant name like Cos Bar is going to easier to remember.

Which is harder Cos bar or Luigi’s Fabulous Delicious Organic Family Pizza Shop?  The easier your name is to remember the easier it is to communicate.  Short restaurants names are good restaurant names!


#2 Example of Creative Restaurant Name

grk - creative restaurant name

Our fourth interesting, forward sounding and catchy restaurant name is GRK.  From the moment you see this restaurant name you know that you’re in for something new and different.  The experience and the place did not disappoint and lived up to the name.

GRK is an abbreviation of the word Greek.  They’ve cleverly added the tagline of “Fresh Greek” under the letters, just to be clear about being a Greek restaurant.

From the very moment you see the name, to the second you walk in the door, you know you’re in for something new and different.

This restaurant is not your Yia-Yia’s (Grand Mother in Greek) Greek restaurant.  It’s clean, modern, sleek and with a streamline menu and artisan sodas.  The name is perfectly in line with what kind experience and food that you’re in for.

We have to say, well done GRK Fresh!


hoptron brewtique - exciting name for bar or restaurant

#3 Example of Creative Restaurant Name

Our fifth, but certainly not our least catchy restaurant and bar name we happened upon the other day, is Hoptron Brewtique.

This creative and unique name really made us take a step back and have a second look.  In combination with a space-age and scientific looking logo, you have a real winner.

The fact that our jaded Business Naming Team (sorry team, but you know you’re hard to impress) suddenly stopped to get a better look, says a lot.  We actually got into a conversation about the name on right on the street.  We had to go in.

To begin, let’s describe the restaurant a bit: Hoptron Brewtique is dedicated to the “Beer Geek” among us.   Those of us who are well informed of micro-brews and looking for a local place to hang out and try new brews.

In addition, Hoptron is dedicated to introducing the rest of us to the world micro-brews in a nonthreatening environment through sampling.

The word “geek” is used quite a bit around their site.  Generally speaking, we would normally advise avoiding a word that could upset your customer but in this case it’s just the opposite.  Looking back, we shouldn’t have surprised, they’ve included “tron” part of their restaurant name.

Examples of Creative Names from Our Inventory

For anyone not alive in the 80’s, Tron was a mega hit and quite possibly the first real movie about computers.  Because of this the movie entered geek cult status, even getting a reboot in 2010.  In any event, anyone old enough to remember the movie, is old enough to indulge in a beer.

Their name may even rekindle happy feelings of their youth.  Equally, the team really liked the exciting combination of “tron” and “hop” to creating new word “hoptron.” Hoptron is telling everyone that the staff are beer nerds and well informed about the industry.

Something that tripped up the crew, was the the pronunciation of “Brewtique.”  We believe this word is the combination of “brew” and “boutique.”  Quiz anyone their associations initial associations of the word “boutique,” you’re likely to hear places where women go.

Surprising the name for this beer based bar and restaurant, focused on men, chose to use this word.  Perhaps they didn’t want an overly masculine name that could scare off potential female customers.  Maybe they just loved the pun.

We believe that “boutique” could have an off putting effect on men walking down the street looking for a place to meet up with some friends.

To sum it all up, our team loves the creativity of the name and logo combustion.  However would have stayed away from the “boutique.”  We commend whomever developed this great name.

Our Brand Development team would love to hear what you think of the restaurant name.  As always, let us know, post it below, and thank you for reading!

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