Ideas and Examples of Names for Your Brand

Ideas and Examples of Names for Your Brand

Naming your business or company takes time and lots of effort. The best ones are tailor made to fit your company, Brandings shares some ideas on how to do it.

Brand Name Ideas and Examples for Your Business

First let me state that you can have the best idea for a company or business name, but unless the dot com is available it’s not going to help you in any way.

At Brandings we are constantly talking about the larger brand development companies and how they charge thousands and even hundreds of thousands to name a company and then either the domain is not available (owner won’t sell) or it cost the company thousands and thousands more to procure the domain.  At Brandings we have the dot com already in our inventory so you never have to worry that the name is not available.  We take the guess work out.

That said I want to share some of the questions and things to consider when naming your business.  The first and simplest is to describe your business idea to a lay person.  Someone who is not involved in the decision process, we like to call it the “Mom Test.”  Sometimes they may just knock you over with their ideas for the name and if you’re going to be dealing with the general public ask someone in the general public what they think.

I know this idea is quite simple but you can expand on it.  I know that many of our clients have very complicated and multifaceted companies and you can’t just ask your Mom but you can ask someone not related to the business decision.  This is also a great opportunity for you to sort through in your head the grand concept and sometimes you may discover something you’ve missed before.

Ok — this one post can’t address all the ideas that go into naming a business but, one thing Brandings looks at is your companies target market.  How old will you customer be?  What sex?  How about, where are they?  I mean, where in the country, where are they making the purchase at home, at work or a store?  Think about race if it qualifies and think about nationality, are you going to focus on Asia?

The truth is, you’ll never just find a name for your business great business name ideas must come from you and your company.  The best names are tailor made.  Take a look at the great available brand names at Brandings for ideas and I hope you like one of ours but if you don’t keep an eye out for more posts about business name ideas.

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