Brandable Domain Names | Brandable Brand Names

Brandable Domain Names | Brandable Brand Names

We love brandable names for a company but they’re not worth anything if you can’t get the corresponding brandable dot-com domain name.

Brandable Brand Names

The Brandings team here loves brandable names and we always stress, what’s the point of having a brandable name if you can’t get the corresponding brandable domain name.

Now if you’re not familiar with what we refer to as “Brandable Names” these are business or domain names that are made up.  Some of these have Latin or Greek roots but they are just used as a basis to create a new name that has no particular meaning it all.

Sometimes these brandable names just sound good when spoken or even look good when designed.  The real benefit of these brandable names is that, theoretically, should make the trademark process much easier.

It also may mean that the matching brandable domain name will be available.  If the domain is not available, we say move on and make up a new name.

To find out more about Brandings and our theory about brandable names and brandable domain names please just click on the link.  This will lead you to our article on this matter but look through our online library; we think it will help you answer all the questions you make have about company naming and more.

Please also feel free to contact the Brandings team if you are interested in the above Brandable Technology name for sale or have any other questions.

2 thoughts on “Brandable Domain Names | Brandable Brand Names”

  1. You shouldn’t get any name if you can’t get the domain name, “brandable” as you say or not! I’m going to check the USPTO on some of these brandables to see if they are registered or not. They’re cool sounding but I want to see if they have Trademark issues with them.

    • You’re preaching to the choir as far as the need to have the matching domain name to your company name. We have found that in general it is easier to trademark a brandable name. As a word of caution you should be conscious of name that may sound similar and I have to tell you should always consult a Trademark Attorney before going off with one name over another.

      We love brandable domain names, they’re just so forward looking sounding and modern. Thanks for your comment.

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