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Learn more about the Brandings Business Startup Packages. It’s everything you’ll need to start your business or launch a product, check out what you’ll get!

At Brandings our new venture experts have been instrumental in the launch of thousands of startups. We’ve also been called in to rescue troubled startups after they’ve begun operation.

To begin, we want to focus on the wide range services that we offer to startups. Entrepreneurs can think of Brandings as a smorgasbord of wonderful products and services. Here clients can pick and chose exactly what they need and will best suit their startup.

Our Team is confident that Brandings has everything to help you launch your new venture off to successful Below, you’ll find a list of our wide range of services which can be custom tailored to meet all your specific startup needs.

What you'll receive in the Brandings business startup package

 Your Brand & Startup Packages Ready for Success Includes:

Name Creation. Brandings linguists and etymologists savor succulent and powerful words. Consequently, our team has developed algorithms that combine letters in new and unique ways to develop powerful names. In conjunction with our strategy team, our linguistics team creates brilliant names in markets we determine to be high-growth.

Screening. Next, these names are screened to preliminarily check for “ownability.” We offer additional trademark screening services to identify any name that is a registered trademark or is “confusingly similar” to another brand. You can read more about our Trademark Services below.

Preliminary Evocation Testing. After the initial screening of the names, the names which pass will move on to testing. It is during this testing phase that we’re able to determine what feelings or emotions evoked. We want to learn how select consumers feel about the name, the emotion that the name evokes, and confirmation that the name is consistent with organizational objectives. Our research team employs focus groups, surveys, depth interviews, and/or other quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to get a better understanding of each name.

Dot-Com Procurement. The final stage of our Name Development Process is dot-com procurement. After a name has been screened and tested we work to obtain the dot-com domain extension. The dot-com TLD (top level domain) is a requirement of our growth-driven clients. Quite simply, for our clients, a great name is of little use unless they have the dot-com domain. We’ll work aggressively to obtain the domain name, often at considerable cost.

Design Elements included in our Brandings Business Startup Packages:

Preliminary Brand Identity Design: As you flip through the our site and the pre-developed brand names, you’ll notice that our team has designed the names into logos. Our Brand Naming Team and Design Team first teamed up to consider what the brand name could be used for. Next the two teams designed and develop the startup names into brand identities based on what they believed their end use could be.

Research has shown, that when entrepreneurs see a brand name developed into a creative logo, they get a better idea of the power of the brand name. Our Team combines the names and logos, for exactly that reason. We want entrepreneurs to get idea of how these names would look as their own startup name.

In fact, it’s been proven that design is a key element of brand identity in addition to your startup or brand name. Moreover, we’ve built a team that’s comprised of experts within the fields marketing, design and consumer psychology. And, over the years this team has explored the interaction between color, symbolism, imagery, balance, evocation and all the other design elements which go into developing a powerful brand.

Consequently, our them has developed all the logos you see on our site to go along with the Brand Names. Our Team creates the initial design concept you see based on its most likely market application. This design you see is only a preliminary concept and can be changed as part of the Brandings Business Startup Package.

You’ll notice that each image bears the (TM) symbol.  This is our company, Brandings, establishing a preliminary claim to the mark. However, the images have not been registered through the USPTO.

Startup Plugin Theme for WordPress:

Starter Website Theme: After a brand is developed there is Theme Plugin for a WordPress website for you to use on your site.  Significantly, our research shows, that this Plugin has been a huge boost for most entrepreneurs for one thing it saves a huge amount of time. We call this Plugin, for instance, an incubator as it takes a fledgling brand website and boosts it up quite significantly, and moreover, quickly. This starter website theme establishes an online presence for the brand and helps begin to build search traffic.

The Plugin in its current configuration is transferred to you as a part of the sale. Many clients use the starter site until they are ready to launch their startup. You can

Additional Packages & Services:

Brandings offers a range of additional services outside of our signature Brandings Business Startup Packages.  Our team is cognizant that not ever startup or small business has a lot of extra money, particularly before the launch.  Henceforth we’ve designed different packages and services to meet every budget. Whatever your startup needs, our Brand Development Team is here to help.

Strategic Planning Services. Brandings consulting services aid startups in all strategic planning, functional and operational areas. We’ll assemble a strategic planning team that will work with you to gain an understanding of your current business, current business strategy, vision of the future, business proposition, the benefits your firm provides, and the key elements of your company’s competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking for long term strategic planning, step-by-step business plan development or corporate repositioning, we’ll help you hit your target.

Global Trademark Screening. Our research team will undertake advanced screening on key elements for use of the name. Brandings provides trademark screening through national and international trademark databases.

Custom Packages for Startups:

Design Services. Brandings will work with you to modify the initial design concept/logo until it meets client-specific positioning objectives. The result — a brand identity expressed clearly, consistently and cohesively to all your stakeholder groups and across all brand touchpoints.

Naming Architecture Consultancy. If a name from our existing inventory is anything less than a perfect match for your venture, we offer a project-based, naming architecture consultancy service. We’ll put together a team of strategic planners, etymologists and designers who will work with you to develop and acquire a great name for your new venture.

Market Research & Testing. Essential to the initial and ongoing success of a new venture is an obsession with testing and evaluation. Ongoing systematic validation research design programs, both quantitative and qualitative — are available at Brandings to ensure the firm establishes and achieves strategic and positioning objectives.

Incorporation & Trademark Registration Services. Brandings offers trademark registration services, state incorporation services and other regulatory assistance services to assist startups with a sound structural foundation at the beginning of operation.

Reach Out to Our Team:

Finally, we know that one of the Brandings Business Startup Packages will work for you.  Our team has developed everything a startup needs for success so we know we can help.  However, with that said, never forget, we’re here to help so feel free to reach out. Give our Client Services Team a call at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-310-246-5100 (Worldwide) or send us an e-mail to contact us, don’t worry, we’re friendly.

Today I thought I would post some of brand names for a biotech firm, all available through Brandings:

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