What Logo Color is Best For My Business?

Learn the secrets of logo colors. Then find out which color works best for you company logo directly from our logo design experts.

What Logo Color is Best?

The right logo color can make a great name even more formidable. Color matters. So what color is right for your business? The right color palate is an essential element of corporate identity and logo design.

Since the beginning of time people have projected meaning and associations onto color and tones. Whether this color is warm or cold, bright or muted it all makes a difference in the design process.

Color Evokes an Emotional Response

The green is the predominate color in nature. Therefor it is seen as refreshing and tranquil. In turn, it’s perfect for a yoga studio or soap company logo. Blue is overwhelmingly found to be favorite color of most people. It also evokes feelings of commitment, dependability and trustworthiness.

Company logos that would benefit from blue include banks, lawyers and investment bankers. There is a reason why the color red is used in many company logos and for emergency vehicles. Red grabs the eye and encourages activity and also shows trustworthiness.

When choosing a color for your company logo do some research on what you are trying to convey and what colors works best to show it. We take all this into consideration when designing logos here at Brandings.

Color’s Importance in Logo Design

In any kind of design, you try to decide what the best combination of shape and color is appealing to you and your potential viewers. Hundreds of dollars are spent in the marketing world in some bigger corporations trying to decide just that. But why is color especially so important? We’ll take a look at just what does color mean to consumers and in turn, what it means to you?

Let’s look at banks now. Blue and green are popular logo colors for these businesses. Green is simple for us to understand. In the United States, currency is green. And a bank that uses a lot of green in their logo and decor is focused on our money, right? But what about blue? Blue, especially paired with gray, conveys importance and confidence without being somber and also may suggest elegance. Looking at that, it’s no small wonder that there are some banks that use blue with green. And a blue and green logo color selection evokes money, financial stability, security and confidence.

Have you ever noticed your local fast food restaurants? Burger King, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, Jack in the Box, and the list goes on and on all have one thing in common: color scheme. Red and yellow are big factors in each company’s logo. Both red and yellow are attention grabbing logo colors. Red signifies vitality and strength, important factors in determining what foods you wish to eat to become each of those traits. Yellow is the hardest color for the eye to draw itself away from and denotes a positive feeling. The combination of these colors appeals to your survival instincts. No wonder these restaurants are so popular with children, who are more instinct than knowledge driven when making choices.

Consider Your Industry

So, it’s no surprise that when you design your logo, color is just as important as the black and white line art that goes into it. What are you trying to suggest with your company’s design? Are you a nursery that wants to remind people of spring when they’re thinking of buying plants? Purple and green is the way to go! What about a simple earth-friendly grocery? Beige and green would be ideal. How about a chic new hair salon looking to share your vision of professional, cutting edge and stylish hair designs? Try black and white with a splash of bright color, like yellow or orange.

Whatever your business, there’s a color scheme to go with it. How you chose is somewhat personal taste, though the outcome of that choice can be immeasurable.

The interesting thing about fast foods and colors is that as the author said yellow and red are big attention grabbers and where did fast food companies develop? At the roadside of course, you would need these attention getting colors to help get people into your business as they were flying down the highway.

There are some really interesting books and studies on the effect of colors on people and you should probably check out some if you are looking to design your own logo. Many of these associations are know by the Brandings Design Team and will be used by our team.

If you have any questions about any specific colors or colors with industries let us know, post it below.

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