Brand Names for Every Budget

Discount company Names; there, we said it.

There’s so much hype out there about targeted brand names.  And, how these names all going for thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars but, that’s not entirely true.

Instead, the Brandings Brand Development Team has created hundreds of business names right for every budget.  In other words, if you’re launching a company with a thin budget, you’re at the right place.

Company Names Perfect For Every Budget

Over the past few weeks, we’ve focused our writing interesting articles about company names and logos.  Additionally, on choosing the best business name that suits your startup budget.

With all that in mind, our team is sharing practical examples and real life situations we’ve address while company naming.  Specifically, stories regarding clients that were searching for a great company name on a startup budget.

The first real life example came in, in the form of an email just last week.  In this case the entrepreneur was expanding his business with a new discount Men’s underwear website.  Moreover, they were looking to match the name with a catchy slogan and logo design.

While this is a huge product for the entrepreneur and his company, it’s actually a daily occurrence here.

To begin, we directed the entrepreneur to our Value Brands as he stated his tight budget.  Even if these particular names don’t suit his particular needs, it’s a great way to get familiar with they type of company they they’re looking for.

Although they loved the names and designs they were constrained by a pretty tight budget.  We love them staying on that startup budget, and we were excited by the challenge.

Our Marketing Department then walked the client threw different categories of names.  This is where we’ve sorted the names by industry, feeling, even color and shape, as to help people find the right name quickly.

We even have a “brandable” section.  These are company names with no intrinsic meaning; they just sound good and look better.  These names were both something the client never heard of, therefor never considered.  He was interested however.

With dot-com domains becoming more and more scarce in-turn driving up prices, Brand Naming companies are creating their own names.  Even huge global brands like, Woot, Expedia, and Google have done it.

Moreover, by developing their own company name, no one else is using it.  Consequently, the prices for these names tend to be lower in price and below or close to budget.

The Marketing Department had a few other ideas as well, the next was to use an Acronym for your company name. With the right letters, say and a good tagline like “Value & Quality Men’s Underwear” we can create a winning domain. Looking at some of the biggest companies in the US we forget how many are just simple Acronyms (ex- QVC, HBO and CVS).

Above all our team respects our clients privacy.  And, we never discuss the particulars of any of our naming jobs.  Henceforth, we’ll never tell you what name the client went with but, it’s good, real good!

At the end of the day, the client was and is truly happy.  Moreover, they’re ecstatic we kept them within budget.

In conclusion, with a little imagination and out-of-the-box thinking, the right creative team will develop, the right name for you.  Also, consider Brandings and our creative team if you are developing a website or new product.


  • fygeo - short and cool name for a company

To have your questions answered or wish to procure a company name on our site, please contact the Brand Development Team.

Update: It’s so exciting to read some of the older posts here, some things never change.  Since the initial writing of this blog, Brandings has become one of the largest holders of company and domain names online.

We continue to get a tremendous amount of calls from people on very tight budgets.  The Customer Support Team still directs them to our Brandable names, there’s just more available names now.

Likewise, if your naming a company, check out the Brandable Brand Names section.

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