The Brandings Team 4 Steps to Logo Design

Even wonder how the Brandings logo design process works?  Our team can break down the approach to logo design in 4 simple steps and they about to lay it all out for you.  Our team will even touch on the free logo redesign that come with our complete brand package!

4 Steps in the Brandings Approach to Logo Design

Update: Be sure to check out the bottom of the page for an update by our Brandings Design Team.

There are four steps in the Brandings design process:4 steps to the brandings logo design process

First Step #1. Understanding Your Business.    The Brandings Strategy & Design Team will work with you to find the perfect brand name.  This name needs to be expressed clearly, consistently and cohesively to all your stakeholder groups and across all your brand touch points. After a name has been selected we’ll work with you to create a unique, evocative and powerful brand design.

Second Step #2. Creative Process:  Our logo development team will create preliminary designs for your business based on your input, preliminary research and our internal brainstorming discussions.  Next our team will sketch about 20 significantly diverse design concepts.  Afterwords we’ll work internally to narrow the concepts to about 5 (usually more) to present to you for input.  Following your review of the first round of concept logos, we’ll ask which concepts and elements that you like as apposed to the ones you dislike.

Third Step #3. Revision Phase:  After you select a design concept, we’ll work with you to modify the brand identity.  Additionally we’ll work with you to fine-tune size, typestyle, color, layout and other design elements.  While this step sometimes only takes one round of revisions, others times it takes more.   In fact, we won’t stop until we get it exactly as you want it.

Fourth Step #4. Final Design:  After you’re completely satisfied with the revisions and fine-tuning and we’ve ensured that the concept meets all positioning objectives, we’ll prepare the final design.  Finally you’ll receive your design in the files and formats for multiple uses.

We are here to assist you in securing a great name and the corresponding logo.  The right name for your business, product or service is just a call or click away.

Lastly, we’d like to leave you with more information.  The following are two links to resources from our team, tips about how to design your logo and Designing Your Logo for Your Brand.  However, the next link is from the trusted people at Forbes Magazine.  Their article, Nine Tips On How To Create A Logo That Perfectly Represents Your Brand is well worth the read and it’s always a good idea to go to multiple sources, so check it out.

Update:  Since we first wrote this article, many things have changed.  One thing that hasn’t changed, how much time and effort we put into designing logos for our clients.  Moreover, our brand packages now also include a logo redesign feature.  That means, when you’re flipping through our inventory and see the Brand Package you love but, not exactly the logo, our team will redesign it for you.

Our team calls this the Mix-And-Match process.  We’ll simply ask you to flip through our inventory of thousands of names and logo’s and write down the ideas you like.  For example, pull ideas, color, fonts and symbols you’d like to see in your own logo and we redo the logo based on your information!

Logo design together with the brand name, and exact match dot-com domain is pretty great right?  Let Brandings be your one stop shop for all you business needs.

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