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Naming a Business or Brand with our Generator

Tired of developing great company names just to find out the domain name is taken, check out our Name Generator. It’s free and all the names are available.

Naming a Brand Generator

Brandings has developed a Business Name Generator specifically for entrepreneurs looking to name their company.

We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a name for your business and that just when you believe you’ve come up with the perfect business name, you check to see if the exact match dot-com domain name is available and it’s not.  You then try another brand name and nope the domain is gone; one more and again the domain is gone and a fourth, gone, and so on, and so on till you want to rip your hair out.

The Brandings Business Naming Team is here to help.  Our team has developed something we call our Business Name Generator.  Here you’ll instantly get a list of over 250 available brand and product names that have been randomly pulled from our inventory, and the best part is, we already have the exact match dot-com domains, so you’re ready to go!

Examples of Multiple Industry Brand Names:

These particular brand names are the kind that work across multiple industries and have no particular meaning, you know brand names like yahoo or Google; ever hear of them?  If we haven’t convinced you to check out our Company Name Generator yet, let me just add that it’s free.  Like totally free, we pull hundreds of available business names that have the domain name available, for free.  What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions about the Company Name Generator or any of the above brand names, feel free to contact the Brandings Team, they won’t bite.  You can also post your questions or if you have any thoughts, let us know, post it below.


Update: Since we’ve developed the above business name generator we’ve had a huge amount of downloads and quite a few requests for more industry specific company name generators.  Well if people ask, we’ll deliver and below you’ll find our latest company name generators:

Brand Name Generator – If you’re not just looking for a company name but, for a name you can build an entire brand behind, use this generator.

Construction Company Name Generator: This construction company name generator was built specifically for the construction and repair industry.

Finance Company Name Generator: Starting an investment and finance related brand is hard enough, coming up with a targeted business name for it, should not be part of the problem. Use this company name generator to pull 250 finance brand names right from our inventory.

Real Estate Company Name Generator: Your Real Estate name has to stand out in an ever growing field and this Real Estate Company Name Generator will pull 250 real estate brand names designed specifically for this industry and designed to get attention.

Restaurant Name Generator: Opening a restaurant may just be one of the hardest businesses to open so, we want to make it a little bit easier.  We’ve pulled 250 of our greatest names for a restaurant just so you don’t have to!

Technology Company Name Generator: We love tech companies but the only thing we love more are tech companies with great IT company names.  Check out this list of 250 targeted names for a tech company.

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  1. After being sick and tired of creating business names just to find out that the domain has already been taken, we’re only looking at the .com’s, we check out your domain generator. It’s like working backwards but there were some interesting names in there and I think a few of them might just work for us.
    Thanks for the idea.

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