How to Name a Restaurant | What Goes into Restaurant Naming

The restaurant industry is one of the hardest, make sure you name your place something that everyone will remember and want to visit; check out these tips!

How to Name a Restaurant

Recently Zagat came out with The Secrets Behind 14 Restaurant Names Across America  and I thought it would be a great way to start a conversation on how to name a restaurant.  Have a good laugh at the restaurants below and we pick-up the conversation after the photos.

The above restaurant names are funny for sure but wish to argue a bit with the wonderful people at Zagat.  If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you know we have a soft spot for creative or funny business names because they can work and they can draw great attention to your business.ocean canteen - restaurant name that grabs attention

How much of a traffic increase do you think came walking in the door after this article was published?  This article was also published around the world with millions of people reading it!  I personally know where two of these places are and have been to one already and can’t wait to try the other now, basically the name worked on me.

Ok, that said I couldn’t agree with Zagat more about “Crappito’s” and “Asellina” two very poor choices.  These names wouldn’t work for any product let alone a name for a restaurant.  “Crappito,”really, really?  Would you want your car named “Crap?”

While I am sure that this is someone’s name the broke one of the cardinal rules of naming any business, sound out the name every possible way and make sure it doesn’t mean anything in any language.  Sound it out with a hard “a,” try it with a soft “a,” try it every which way and don’t let your ego tell you “no one is going to say it like that” because they will.

Restaurant Name that are Available:

  • featured buy - brand name for discount based business

Now we’ve been discussing “9021Pho” around the office for a while and we are still deciding whether or not it’s a good name for restaurant.

Now this place is located in Beverly Hills so the postal code is correct and while I’ve always said to not make your business “site specific” if you are looking to expand, the Beverly Hills brand is so well known and because of all the excellent connotations associated with the zip code and city this may work.  I am not really sure when Pho restaurants became the new hair salons as far and the puns but we are inundated in Los Angeles with pun Pho restaurant names, “Pho ‘bulous,” and the lot.

Some of the other restaurants might secretly be a good name for a restaurant.  “Fu King Chinese” and “Big Wong” would be quite funny in the right location.  While I don’t see my Mom going anytime soon, I think at a college campus it could work; “could” being the operative word.  Again if you’re looking to expand, one of the cardinal rules on how to name a restaurant is to not make it site specific.

As an example we thought we would show you some names we thought of as a great name for restaurant.  These are all available restaurant names, one of the other keys for a restaurant, use them as examples or let us know if you’re interested in any of these names by contacting our Brandings Team.

As always if you have any great names for a restaurant you want to share or questions / comments, let us know, post it below.

2 thoughts on “How to Name a Restaurant | What Goes into Restaurant Naming”

  1. 9021pho, that’s pretty cleaver. I would check it out, only because Beverly Hills does have a ring about it and I could imagine people talking about the name and of those people a certain amount will come in just to check it out.

    As far as the other names, I find them quite offensive and maybe just maybe they would work on a college campus.

    Some interesting ideas hear so thanks I guess.

    • Thanks for the comment. Naming a restaurant can be a very tricky endeavor. The fact that people have to eat there, and many people are very sensitive about food, just adds complexity. This goes to what we say about any business name, run the name by your friends, family and most importantly, potential customers. If these business owners did that, someone hopefully, would have told them that their restaurant name ideas, were horrible.

      We thought we would bring you some fun names for a change! Thanks for the comment and check out some of our other blogs about how to name a restaurant.

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