Look to the Past for Great Company Names for the Future

How to use Great or Latin Words for a Great Company Name

We love company names base on Latin or Greek roots. Check out this example and learn about the marketing opportunities.

Latin and Greek words for Modern Company Names

Recently online, we saw a domain name sales company, which shall remain nameless, mocking the use of Greek and Latin words as a basis for a great company name and domain name.

We couldn’t disagree with this company more.

We think that when you have at the heart of your company, your company name, and that name is steeped in tradition and history, it gives a great life or spirit to the company.

avoxx - powerful name for a brand

Think of Nike, the shoe company, but we probably didn’t have to tell you that, as a great example.  Nike also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory she is a spirit or personification for a company which has been built on providing speed and success through their product, their shoes in this case.

Nike represents strength, speed, and victory and what a perfect spirit for the company.

This other domain company, that didn’t like the Greek or Latin idea said that no one will know the meaning so what does it matter.  We say even if your customers don’t know the Greek or Latin meaning you and your employees will.

Let your company name be the spirit of your business.  Let your company name be the personification of your business.

This said, having this historical root to your company name, can really open a great deal of opportunity for marketing.  You can incorporate a God or Goddess or earth, fire or water, whatever the root may be.

Let history be your guide and be bold and never be afraid of looking to the past for inspiration for company names in the future!

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