Naming a Dental Office or Dental Related Product

Naming your new dental office is tough but Brandings is here to help with the naming process.

Naming a Dental Office

Opening a dental office is a huge undertaking and you have so many things to consider, naming your new dental office should not be one of them but, don’t worry the Brandings Team is here to help with the naming process.

The first consideration in naming your dental office is to consider what kind of dental office you are going to be.  If you’re opening the practice by yourself, with only you as the only DDS you’re going to have one kind of business name.

If however, you’re going in with some friends or family or if you’re opening a larger practice with multiple DDS’s, you’re going to have a different type of dental practice name.  Each one of these three options will have different types of business names.

If you’re that one DDS shop or something small and you’re looking for something friendly and personal, you may want to consider, Smileologist or even something like Winner Smile.  Remember most people don’t like going to the dentist and a friendly sounding dental office name may sooth over tensions.

Available Names for a Dental Office or Products:

On the other side, if you’re opening a large collective with you and a few other DDS’s and/or your thinking about expansion in the future, you’ll want to consider a more sleek and modern feeling.  Examples of this kind of dental business name would be DentiChoiceDentiEdge or “Big Dental” might work for you.

This blog on naming your dental office is meant to make you think about what type of office you plan on opening and develop a dental business name around that.  If you’re kid focused dental business, keep it light and friendly, if you’re a large collective, think professional, but always make sure ANY health related business has an approachable business name.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Brandings Team.  Also, take a look at our available dental office names to inspire you and if you like one of the brands we own, let us know.

Please also know that if you like any of the available names for a dental business but the you have another idea for the logo, we’ll redesign the logo based on info you provide, included in the price.

We have another way to help you name your business.  The Brandings Team has developed a Business Name Generator that takes a random sample of business names from our inventory that you can go through.  This will give you a good idea of the kind of names that we think work for today’s and tomorrows businesses, so please check it out.

Lastly, the Brandings Collaborative Company Naming Team has quite a bit of experience developing custom names for a dental business.  Over the years several dental business owners have come to us to develop business name specifically for them and their office.

If you’re interested in a collaborative custom name for your business and to see what our team can do for you.  Simply click on the link above to see our different naming packages.

What did you think of this blog on naming a dental office?  Like it, don’t like it, or have questions, comments or requests, let us know, post it below.

6 thoughts on “Naming a Dental Office or Dental Related Product”

  1. I really liked this page for naming dental offices in Tanzania. I am interested in getting a good name of dental clinic that operates in a low income country, serving low to middle income clients, providing basic dental services.

    May you suggest one for Me


    • Thank you for your comment and thank you for helping the people of Tanzania because as we all know, when you’re teeth hurt, nothing else matters!

      Firstly we recommend that you check out our names for a new dental office Page. Here you find names that our company has developed specifically for the dental field and a few other dental related names as well. The price you see there includes the exact match dot-com domain name as well as the logo but, if the logo doesn’t fit exactly what you’re looking to do with it, we’ll redesign the logo based on information provided by you included in the price.

      You’ll notice that these names are both friendly sounding and not aggressive because people are nervous enough about visiting a dentist (you must have heard this before) yet professional enough where people will trust you with their health.

      Secondly we recommend that you check out our Custom Company Naming. I can tell you that the Brandings Naming Team has named a few dental offices already and have an experienced understanding of what goes into a dental name.

      We hope this helps and if you have any other questions about any of the available dental company names or our custom naming, please feel free to contact the company naming team directly by following the link. Thank you and we hope we can help.

    • Well thanks for the comment and the complement. The Business Development Team hear at Brandings really works our hardest to help people get the best name for their new business or product, be it a dentist office, chewing gum or even construction company name. There are quite a few links in article above to help direct you to the best names for a dentist office so we’ll save you from putting them here but please let you know if you have any questions about naming your business or product.

      Thanks again for the great complement and please pass along to anyone who’s naming their company our site!! Check us out on our FaceBook Page for more great tips and some fun

  2. Nice information, the way you covered all the basic information is really impressive. After reading your post her, i’ve realize that it is also important to think about what type of office you plan at the same time the kind of dental office are you going to open.Thanks…

    • Thank you for your comment.

      You do need to think about what kind of dental office you are starting to determine what time of dental office name you should consider. One thing we would point out is that if you are starting a small business but in the back of your head you know at some point you are going to expand you may not want a geographically restrictive or personally restrictive name.

      Don’t box yourself into a name like Bob Maggee’s Tuscaloosa office if you are thinking about opening branches in other cities.
      Thanks for you comment.

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