Conan a Great Example of COM being the Best Domain Extension

.Com is the king of domain names and learn how even celebrities make the mistake of not going with it. Learn how to avoid it here.

Conan O’Brien is Great Example of why .COM is the Best Domain Extension

From time to time we hear things or read things and we know instantly that we have to share it with our devoted Brandings Blog readers and this was just one of those things.  The staff here all love the Conan O’Brian Show, he’s the self-confessed “King of the Nerds,” and the other day he made an off the cuff comment that we knew we had to share with you and help the point that the .com domain extension is the only one a company, business or product should be using.

dot-com is the best domain extentsionFirst let me state that a domain name extension is anything that follows the last “.” or “dot” or “period.”  If you have any questions about domain extensions, what they are and what other domain name extensions are out there, just follow the link to the left.

That said, here’s how it went.  Conan stated that he and his legal team bought the rights to “Conan.XXX” and the fact that he said he needed is legal team gives us an idea that to acquire the name it was much more difficult to acquire then going to any register and clicking a button, but that wasn’t the problem.

Now joking around they put some hokey videos on there of people eating soup but when people went to the sight they couldn’t see the content, their firewalls prevented them for going there.  Now while yes the sight has a “.xxx” extension there was not pornographic material on there but a firewall doesn’t know that.

Here’s our point, the domain extension “.xxx” is racked with problems, the main being that it is being blocked but not only by firewalls but from entire countries and that means you are cutting out a huge block of people from you’re your sight and miss a great opportunity to make money.

You may be thinking, “Well I don’t have an adult site.”  That may be true but who is to say that some people’s firewalls aren’t preventing them from going to a “.info,” “.edu,” “.co” or whatever.  Also, who’s to say that some country, county or region won’t block that particular extension for whatever reason?  They would be hard pressed to block .com content, China may be trying but that is a constant uphill battle.

Also, when Conan was directing everyone to Conan.XXX what do you think the probability of people who went to Conan.COM someone else’s site; we’re thinking quite a few.  While that may not be a problem for Conan, you may be directing your customers to a competitors website and that would be a disaster.

That said if you have any questions about this blog or have any comments please let us know by posting them below in our comment section.  Feel free to request blogs about any subject we’ll try to post them as soon as possible.

Finally if you have any interest in the above available domain name for a Real Estate company please let us know that as well.

6 thoughts on “Conan a Great Example of COM being the Best Domain Extension”

    • We agree, leave it to Conan but the big lesson here is about how important a .com domain name is your company. Of course most business will ban .xxx on work computers but entire countries are doing it as well. Sometimes it’s just glitches that may bloc certain domain name extensions and sometimes it is deliberate.

      We know that certain countries, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and a few more countries, purposefully block sites, domain extensions and sometimes the internet completely. Why would any business want to go with any other domain extension then .com the one which is the most difficult to bloc or manipulate.

      We have a mantra here at Brandings, “if you can’t get the .com domain, you’ve got to rename!”

  1. True, if you have an adult ppc business or any other business with the extension you might run into problems. Whether a country is blocking it or it’s just an extension the server dosen’t recognize there are just so many things that can go wrong. Look at “”.

    • You’re so very right. It doesn’t matter what type of business that you have, if it is not on a .com, the worlds most recognized domain name extension then there is an endless list of possibilities of things that can go wrong. Great to mention the issue, as we talked about in the blog how big of a disaster that was, but that was a different issue.

      We’ve heard stories of countries having their own providers that didn’t even recognize the new domain extensions.

      Thanks for comment, and only get the .com domain!

  2. That’s so crazy. I see why Conan would do it; it’s funny but anyone looking to have a serious adult business would probably want to stay away from .xxx. It seams just so easy to block and that goes for all the new extensions.

    .com all the way!

    • Thanks for your comment and we couldn’t agree more. It is so easy for a country, company or internet provider to simply block a TLD, (Top Level Domain) that it wants to. That can create great problems for anyone not using a .com domain. Also the world has accepted the .com domain names as the default domain. Simply look at your iphone, ipad, kindle fire or whatever device you have and when you are typing a domain in the “.com” button is preset with the buttons.

      There are just so many reasons that .com is the way to go. The Brandings team even loves your slogan “.com all the way!”


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