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Clever Business Names | Clever Domain Names for a Winning Start-up

Looking for a cool and clever business name for your new venture? We’ll discuss clever company names, what they are and how to come up with one!

Clever Name For a Business

We’ve all heard them before: Google, Aflac, Aamco and Amazon. All four of these are cool company names they can be broken down into three different clever business name categories. Google is a made up name or actually a derivation of an original name, Aflac and Aamco are acronyms and Amazon an existing word used in a completely new context.

Let’s discuss Amazon first and talk about what makes it a cool company name. First off it’s not a name you come across on a daily basis, in fact that goes for all of our names and is universally a key component to a clever business name. That said Amazon goes even deeper; literally. Amazon sounds exotic, distant and powerful like the river; cool right?

The word needs to be evocative and sound delicious and rich and the beauty is, it needs no reference to the industry you are looking to go into. Now, that said make sure the it has positive associations (Amazon River equals powerful and exotic, want to know more?) and has no hidden negative in other languages if you plan on doing business in other countries.

Aflac and Aamco also sound otherworldly, distant and different for sure; all key components to cool business names. Aflac and Aamco are both acronyms or are abbreviations formed from letters or components used to create a completely new company name. (Aflac “American Family Life Assurance Company and Aamco” after founder Anthony A. Martino Company) This may be a great way to go, Brandings actually has a huge inventory of 3 letter domains and 4 letter domains that may just suit your company. Make sure they don’t form a new word with negative connotations.

Now Google is a made-up word or to be more precise, a derivation of an existing word; Googol. Just for reference a googol is one number followed by one hundred zeros. Again make sure there are no negative connotations otherwise, there should be no issue and should be ease to trade mark. Brandings love cool company names and have a huge inventory of 5 letter company names and 6 letter company names which are ready for use.

If you have any questions about starting your company with a clever business name, cool company name or any have any questions about our available 6 letter company names posted below, please contact us by clicking here.

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    • Thanks for the comment and don’t worry about developing creative business names, that’s what we’re here for. I’m not sure if you noticed, we now have a creative business name page where we’ve put our most creative names all in one spot.

      You’ll recognize instantly that these creative business names are the type that you stand up and take notice of.

      You take care of the easy part, the recognition, and we’ll take care to the hard part, the creation and development. Thanks for the comment!

  1. Neat idea. You know I’m starting a company and I’m finding it next to impossible to get an available domain we all like. I think I might try the acronym idea and take some names of the company or the owners and put them on a board with magnets and move them around till i find something that works and I can find a domain!


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