Developing a Catchy Name for a Business or Product

Top Tips for a Catchy Brand or Product

A catchy business name can get your new business some much needed attention. Learn what a catch business name can do for you and how to create one, right here.

Brandings Shares their Top 6 Tips for a Catchy Business Name

You know one when you see one!  These are the company names or product names that you remember.  They’re also the ones that stand head and shoulders above the others within their industry.

Additionally these are the company names that clients remember when they’re standing in an isle at a grocery store.   Or the ones that comes to a clients mind when they need a specific service.  In the end, catchy company names are the ones that get remembered.

With that in mind, recently we’ve gather together the Brandings Brand Development Team and had them sit down and put together some ideas or concepts that separates an average company name from a catchy company name.

Before we get to the top 6 tips for developing a catchy company name let me just start with a bit of a disclaimer.  While we can technically give you all the aspects that go into a catchy name, that doesn’t mean a name will follow all the rules.  Just because it follows all the “rules” and fits the criteria will therefor be a catchy name and vice versa.  It’s kind of like what makes a Hollywood Superstar, you either have “it” or you don’t.

Examples of Catchy Business Names Available at Brandings:


With that said here are the Top 6 Tips for Developing a Catchy Business or Product Name:

  1. Catchy company names are short in length; the shorter the better in fact.  Think about the company names that stick with you in the past.  For example, Zenith, Google and Apple they’re all either 5 or 6 letter company names.  Even acronyms would work better than an extended business name.  A popular example of this kind of name everyone remembers,  Bavarian Motor Works or BMW?
  2. Catchy business names are easy to spell.  Can you spell Apple?  Back to the earlier example, is it easier to spell Bavarian Motor Works or BMW?
  3. Catchy business names can be a derivation on a common word. One of our favorite catchy business names that we’ve developed is Lemyn.  This name  for instance, it’s short and easy to spell but the unique spelling will get some attention.  Picture it, “I love that new place Coinzyn, you know the one with the “y”!”  Makes a catchy business name right?  Lemyn just sounds fresh and so do all catchy business names.
  4. Catchy company name has to look good.  It sounds strange to hear that a company name has to look good but consider what your name is going to look like when designed into a logo.  There is a lot a good logo designer can do to make your company name look good on business cards or billboards but if you have an odd mix of letters one after another, there may be nothing they can do.
  5. a catchy business name is easy or even fun to pronounce.  So here’s a tips: say the catchy name over and over and try to pronounce the name in as many possible ways it can be pronounced.  Ask your friends and family to say the name and don’t coach them on how to say it, because you won’t be coaching potential clients.
  6. check out the Brandings Catchy Business Name Generator, it’s free and even if you don’t like any of the catchy business names there, it will give you some ideas on how to develop a catchy business name for yourself.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and interesting and most of all informative.  If you have any tips of your own for developing a catchy business name we’d love to hear them, just post them below.  Also we’d be glad to hear if you seen any business or product names on the market that you thought were catchy, again just post them below.

Thank you for reading and we’re already working on our next blog!

2 thoughts on “Developing a Catchy Name for a Business or Product”

  1. Having a catchy business name helps your business to grow at an extreme height. Business names must be short, sweet and memorable, so that it can be easy for audience to pronounce it. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    • You’re absolutely correct. A catchy and interesting business name can spark interest in your business. We think that entrepreneurs work so hard at getting the perfect name for their business and getting their business off the ground that their business name should be working for them as well; and that’s what a catchy business name can do!

      Thanks for the comment.


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