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Brandings has helped startups get started and grow for years.  While all startups face different challenges, most challenges can fit within a few different classifications.  No matter the challenge, the Brandings Team has Business Startup Solutions to solve all of them.  Ordinarily, we would say that no one could have solutions for such different issues.  However, as we mentioned, must startup issues fall within a few similar categories.

Business Startup Solutions

Brandings has been bringing solutions to startups for over a decade already, and let’s say, we’ve learned some things.  Over the years we have learned that there are several considerations that many startup entrepreneurs repeatedly forget.    That said, Brandings has developed what we call, the Startup Checklist.

The very first question on the checklist is: Do you have the right name for your company?  If you’re familiar with our Brandings site, you can probably guess what the second question is.  If you guessed the second question is: can you secure the exact match dot-com domain name?

Moving down the checklist, you’ll find great pointed questions to help make sure nothing is overlooked before the startup launch period.  For example, some questions are, have you decided on the legal form of ownership of your startup?  Also, have you created a strong visual brand identity?  And, a final example of questions asked, how will you standout within your marketplace?

Finally, if you’re starting a business or launching a startup, please take a few minutes of time to take the Startup Checklist.

helping businesses start grow thrive

The Available Dot-Com Domain Name Solution

You need the exact match dot-com domain, for your small business or startup.  We’re glad you’re here because Brandings has the solution.  The Brandings Team has either developed or curated thousands of available domain names ready for use.  Moreover, the we have all the information that you’ll ever need to pick the right one.  The right domain name and startup name that pushes your business to the next level.

While there are billions of available domains out there, it can be quite confusing as to what is a domain name and the different extensions are, what they mean, and what a “TLD” is.

Quickly a “TLD” refers to “Top Level Domain” and is the right most label, such as .com, .edu, .ly and the list goes on.  Brandings only sells the .com domains and we’ll tell you why in a great article all about domain names, were you’ll learn all you need to know about the subject in an abbreviated way and see some of our huge inventory of available dot-com domains.

Also find out why we only sell dot-com domains.

Want to know what -ao stands for, how about -aq, or even -im, check out Brandings domain names article today.  If you have any questions about available domains or about the above energy company name for sale give let us know by contacting our Brandings Team.

What’s the Solution to Find a Company Name

The largest challenge for many startups today is finding the right startup or company name.  Finding the right targeted name that has maximum impact on your target market may just be the most difficult challenge.  When you consider that you need to procure the exact match dot-com domain, makes the challenge exponentially harder.

We hear people ask everyday that they need a company name. Brandings has both custom company naming and prebuilt company names, see how it works.

We hear it all the time her at Brandings, we get a call and the person on the phone says “I need a company name.”  Our usual response is “great, you’ve come to the right place.”  Then people generally ask how the whole thing works.

Brandings, has two types of company naming.  The first and most straightforward is our pre-built names.  These are the thousands of names that you will find on our website.  These names come with the exact match dot-com domain name and the log you see.  To find out more about our pre-built names and How Brandings “The Company” Works just follow the link.

Brandings is proud to announce our Custom Company Naming and you can read more about that in our Company Naming article.  This article discusses the in depth process of the company naming.

We invite everyone to check out the Company Naming article and see How naming Works at Brandings article from our catalog.  I must say that if you are reading this blog, you are already on your way to finding the perfect name.

If you have any questions about the above unique company name or if you have any questions about this article please feel free to contact us.

Solutions to Find or Develop Ideas for a Startup & Brand Name available domain names ready for use

Brandings has a huge inventory of pre-developed business and company names, get an idea of what you want and contact Brandings today.

We here at Brandings believe that your business name is one of the most important assets your business has and coming up with ideas for that name can be quite challenging and at times frustrating.

We would also like to think that we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and have pre-developed great Business or Company Names, ready for you in your industry.

These Business or Brand Names have passed our strict criteria and have been put into categories where they are waiting for you to start your business.

The best part is, if you see a business or company name on our site, you can have it.  We already own the dot-com domain and will transfer it to you right away.

To learn more about Business and Company Names and what our criteria are, just click on the link our just flip through our website for great ideas.

If you are interested in the above available construction company name please the Brandings Team know or if you have any questions, about what we do, or how we do it, please just contact us.  It might just be the best thing you’ve ever done!

Brandable Domain Names | Brandable Brand Names

We love brandable names for a company but they’re not worth anything if you can’t get the corresponding brandable dot-com domain name.

The Brandings team here loves brandable names and we always stress, what’s the point of having a brandable name if you can’t get the corresponding brandable domain name.

Now if you’re not familiar with what we refer to as “Brandable Names” these are business or domain names that are made up.  Some of these have Latin or Greek roots but they are just used as a basis to create a new name that has no particular meaning it all.

Sometimes these brandable names just sound good when spoken or even look good when designed.  The real benefit of these brandable names is that, theoretically, should make the trademark process much easier.

It also may mean that the matching brandable domain name will be available.  If the dot-com domain is not available, we say move on and make up a new name.

To find out more about Brandings and our theory about brandable names and brandable domain names please just click on the link.  This will lead you to our article on this matter but look through our online library; we think it will help you answer all the questions you make have about company naming and more.

Please also feel free to contact the Brandings team if you are interested in the above Brandable Technology name for sale or have any other questions.

Dot-Com Domains are Still the Best Domains

Thinking about using a non-dot-com domain name, learn from Over Stock and think again. With all the new TLD’s out there dot-com is even more important.

I’m almost positive that if you’re reading this blog I might be “preaching to the choir” or telling you something you already know, that the dot-com extension is still the most important or best domain.

We’ve been saying since the beginning of the blog, you need the matching dot-com domain name.  No matter what you name your company, you need the matching dot-com domain.  And, as we stated when dot-co was released, these two domains are not the same.  Everyone was making a big deal out of dot-co and one of the early adapters was Over Stock which migrated from to O-co.  Well….

The numbers are out and it has been reviled that up to 61% of customers looking for OverStock accidentally went to the wrong site.  Ahhhhhhh, I don’t mean to be cute about this but that is a disaster.  The fact stands that Over Stock has lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of the dot-com domain name.

If you are starting a business or re-branding your existing business you need to have the dot-com domain name.  In fact, with new TLD’s being released consistently by ICANN, they’re even more important.  The web is getting cluttered with more and more TLD’s or Top Level Domains.  For example new TLD’s like dot-hotel, dot-xxx and even dot-movie are all trying to grab attention.  Consequently it has been made clear that the dot-com is the de facto go to for businesses.

Final Thoughts on Business Startup Solutions:

Above are examples of interesting and available dot-com domains for sale.  They’re all short, 5 letter domains and of course, dot-com.  Please let us know if you have any questions about these or any of the other names you may have seen on our site.  Let us know if you have any questions, comments or tips of your by posting it below.  Our Team will respond as soon as possible.

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