Brandable Names and Domains, What Are They?

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Weigh in on the debate that is tearing the Brandings office apart!  Are the “Brandable” or invented names, in which we so often speak really words?

“Simply because you don’t find these “Brandable” business names and domains in the dictionary, does not necessarily mean they’re not real words.”

That was it.  With this simple, yet provocative statement the office, here at Brandings was all-a-buzz.

First, this goes out to all our coworkers, calm down, you’re scaring all the children.  While this statement poses a great question, no one is going to die over it.

Second, in our opinion, statement is correct.  Simply because you won’t find the names our team calls “Bradable” in the dictionary, doesn’t mean they’re not real words.  There, we stated our opinion and as a lead here, it’s now officially doctrine.

While we may have quashed the argument, we need to explain our thinking.

Every year, Webster’s Dictionary adds new words into their listing.  Does that mean, that before the Webster’s team agreed to enter that word, these “words” aren’t really words?

Heck, that’s a lot of power handed to the dictionary people.  Furthermore, while it may be a profound question it gets us right to the crux of our debate.  Are words, well, words even though they’re not in the dictionary?

Brandable Business Names and Domains, What Are They?

As stated above, and now official Brandings policy, yes, they’re real words.  While it may take time for people at Webster’s to recognize them as such, they’re still words.

Now, with the debate quelled and rebellion crushed, let’s move on to how this effects the naming a business.

Getting back to the question, and the part of which we can all agree with, that is, “brandable names are invented, brainstormed or created.”

Simply stated, just because the brandable business or domain names that you see on our site are invented, doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake to create them.  What many don’t know is, it takes quite a bit of work that goes into the creation of one them.

Interestingly, some of these names even have a Greek or Latin origin.  For example, the two names Avoxx or Ryvox fall into the category.  The “vox” found in both these business and domain names can be translated into Latin, for “voice.”

With these two examples in mind, these two business names with matching domains would make great pharmaceuticals.  Furthermore, these names would work for any business which deals with sound, music, or the voice.

These two examples should show how you can’t just throw a few letters together and presto, you have a good company name.

First, you obviously you need to have vowels.  However, there are a surprising number of apps for phones and rock bands that skip vowels all together.  We’re not sure if they think vowels are so ten years ago or they’re just trying to be cool.

Maybe these tech companies think they don’t need vowels or they just couldn’t acquire the exact match dot-com domain name for a good price.  Either way, we tend to believe it’s the latter and we’ve got a blog for that.

  • Skuler
  • Skyare
  • Snuto

Over the years, the Brandings Team has found that there needs to be a nice flow, cadence, or sound to the word.

A brandable name, one that will be used for a business, can’t be jumpy or choppy.  There needs to be a good cadence to the word.  These brandable names that are going to be actual company names, need to easily communicated between people, or potential customers.

Creative Names for Creative Businesses

Finally, getting to the controversial part of our blog or part of the quote we overheard.  This is the part that’s tearing this company apart.  (Honestly, you’d think this drama was the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War ((stay away from the window!)).

creative name for a creative business
myycro - created name for a creative business

Are brandable names or brandable words even words?

While yes you can’t find these words in a dictionary but, just because something is not in a dictionary does that mean it is not a word?

Does a rose by any other name not smell so sweet? Does being in the dictionary make something a word and who’s dictionary anyway?

We figure that you can figure out which side of this debate we fall onto by this point.  We’ve converted the disbelievers and now we’re all on the same page.

Brandable names are actual words and that goes double for brandable company names and domains.  When a word, domain name, or name is created it is a word.  Furthermore, we don’t need some mastermind to put it in a dictionary before we recognize it as such.

We’d welcome you weighing in on the debate?  You can simply let us know by posting your comments below.

If, however you want to be more informed about how the Brandings Team goes about creating brandable domain names check out our process.  Moreover, if you’d like to see some of our great brandable business names like the ones above, just follow their respected links.

We look forward to hearing from you.  And, wish us luck keeping this debate under wraps and the office peaceful!

12 thoughts on “Brandable Names and Domains, What Are They?”

    • I love it, you love brandable domain names so much that you said it twice! Well, we love brandable domain names as well. Recently in a store we came across yet another brandable name at work, this one TruVia. This is a sweetener for coffee, tea, cooking and what ever, but it is produced and owned by the Coke-a-Cola company so that pretty major. It also means that huge companies are looking to brandable names for products and not just as business names.

      Thanks so much for your comment and if anyone is reading this and is not really that sure what it is that we are talking about still, we have put together another resource about these names, check out the our What Is a Brandable Domain Name page on our main site!

      Thanks again and let us know if you see any brandable product names on the shelves on in your life we would love to hear it!

  1. Cute, “brandable domain names, what are they?” I guess you could have called it “Brandable Domain Names, They Are What You Want Them To Be,” and saved the article. I joke but that’s about what it comes down too!

    Just kidding and thanks for another great article.

    • Ha! Thanks very cute and everyone here in the office loved that saying around the office and it might just be our new mantra around here. But cutting to the chase, you’re exactly right. Brandable domain names or brandable company, business or product names for that matter are unique in that because they don’t specifically mean anything they can be molded into whatever you need.

      Sure some brandable domain names may have some Latin or Greek origins but they are not very specific so even then you can make them into what ever it is that you want.

      Thanks so much for the comment and we love your “they are what you need them to be!”

    • It was more of a heated cafeteria argument then it was a war but it was heated none-the-less. We thought we would bring the, what is a brandable name battle to the streets, or blog as it were, so everyone can get involved and hear what other people have to say about the matter.

      Whether you think a brandable domain name is a word or a brandable company name is not, we thought it would be interesting. Thanks for your comment and we appreciate you getting involved in the matter.

  2. That’s funny that I’m reading this now because, I just commented on your other blog
    Acronyms for a Business Names
    that SYFY is the Science Fiction Chanel new logo, I thought it was an acronym but now after reading this I think it may be a brandable business name.

    You ask us to ask you if we have questions is SYFY a brandable business name or is it an acronym? I really like it but what is it?

    • Thanks for that awesome and insightful question. Really I hate to say this but SYFY could really be both an acronym, as a business name and a brandable business name all at the same time. The great thing is that SY and FY are really just derivations of Si and Fi which are common abbreviations for Science Fiction.

      So you’ve kind of made up a new word, a brandable business name, and it is an acronym because you are, all bit loosely, using the letters from the company name to make that name.

      Thanks so much for this opportunity to answer that really insightful comment.

  3. I’m going to but my foot in the water. Brandable names are not words until they have meaning, that’s what my 8th grade English teacher would say, and I’m going to go with her opinion!

  4. I’ll way in. A brandable name is not a word until it is assigned a meaning. So both “camps” are right. A brandable domain name is not a word then becomes a word once you give it a meaning.

    • Thank you for your comment and for putting some of the staff here at ease. We think you’re really the most correct out of everyone weighing on on the debate about brandable domain names. We’re also going to take this opportunity to say that you can’t even register a trademark on a brandable name until you decide which “Classification of Good and Services” you would be using it for.

      Thank you for your comment about brandable domain names or brandable names and maybe we’ll get some peace around the office again!

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