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While there’s both an art and science to finding brandable domain names for sale, today we’ll be working on the science side of it.  Below you’ll get our tips and tips from a guest blogger about creative domain names and how you can obtain one or more for your business so, let’s go!

Brandable Domains, Which one is right for you?

If you’ve been following our blog, your are probably familiar with the layout but, for everyone else, we’d like to lay it out for you.  To begin, we generally set the theme of the article, followed by some comments by our team.  Next, we post the story by our guest blogger.  However, and this is for everyone, we’ve added something new, updates.

Brandings has been in business for almost a decade and the industry and has changed right along with us.  With that being said, we felt we had to update our articles to reflect the modern state of the industry and all the changes which took place since the piece was first published.  You’ll find our updates at the bottom of our posts.

The world behind brandable domains for sale is often in flux so we’ve come back to add some new material and thoughts on the changing industry.  One item we haven’t changed is the love we have for your thoughts, ideas and comments so you know what to do.  Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts below or reach out to our friendly staff!

Choosing a Domain Name – 10 Essential Tips to Get it Right

When choosing a domain name, there are certain rules you must follow, if you want to get the right one. It is not rocket science – some basic analysis will determine if the domain will be valuable or not. By sticking to the following 10 guidelines, you will be sure to have a head start over your competition.

1. The domain name is inherently searchable. If a commonly typed search phrase exactly matches the domain name, it will be of higher value. (This is called Organic Traffic, for example, if you are a environmentally friendly ranch, would be great.)

2. The market type. Depending on the current PPC rating, the niche or the mass market, a particular domain name may have a higher value. Free tools are available to determine the PPC rating, for example through Google.

3. The history of the domain name in terms of revenues and how long has it been registered. Old domains have this advantage over newer ones in that the search engines rank websites based on the keywords and when they find similar ones, the older ones get the preference as they are supposed to be more trusted.

If the site was registered for a long time, tools are available to find out what it contained initially. If its contents were related to the domain name, this is always an advantage. (Absolutely, older domains names generally have more sites linking into them, driving up traffic.  We do know for a fact that search engines prefer older and continually used domain names.  The longer the domain name or website has been in use the better!)

4. The domain name is a common word and is easily pronounced. (Very true however, these also tend to be much higher priced. Also, be careful if it is a really common word you may get the wrong traffic. If you choose, I don’t know if you are selling cooking utensils, cooking lessons or cooking books.)

5. The domain name can be exploited to create brand recognition – although you must always be careful not to infringe copyright. (I couldn’t agree more, please see my earlier blog infringing on trademarks with your domain.)

6. The domain name is easily memorable.

7. The domain name is short. The best names are usually the shortest ones, particularly the two and three letter domains. These are getting harder to get, but if you concentrate on expired domains, there are still opportunities. (Brandings specializes in 3 and 4 letter domains name, 5 Letter Domains and 6 Letter Domains Names.)

8. For already registered domains, if there is current revenue from Affiliates/Parking etc., this will make them valuable. The higher the revenue they generate, the higher the value. (Most of Brandings’ websites have be setup with traffic driving sites or monetizing sites.)

9. Is the domain name registered with popular search engines? It is possible to find out a website’s current indexed position with a particular domain name.

10. The number of back links, i.e. links pointing to the website from other sources. This is an important factor used by the main search engines to rank websites. Finding out how many back links that the domain has currently and checking if they add to the value to it from the viewpoint of the search engine gives a further insight into the usefulness of the domain.

In some ways, there are no fixed rules that say this domain is better than that one. As they say, one man’s drink is another man’s poison. Having said that, if you follow the 10 rules above, you can take the guesswork out of choosing the right domain name.
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    Val Wilson is a successful internet marketer and domain name trader.
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Final Thoughts on Brandable Names and Domains: brandable names and domains for my business

At Brandings our motto is, your success is our success!

With our motto in mind we like to suggest some further reading about brandable domains for sale.  You can find out more on the subject from the fine folks at gist brands.  Recently they published and article called How to Choose a Brandable (and Available) Domain and Name and we recommend everyone to check it out.

Update – one thing that’s changed since originally writing this article, Google no longer looks at PPC sights favorably.  Much like life, Google is continually changing and morphing.  Google may or may not like and one thing this year and change it the next.  Something they’ve changed is their thinking on parking sites and Pay Per Click (PPC) sites.  Google has changed their mind so much in fact they really don’t like them anymore.

While some things change, there’s others that don’t.  We love creative or brandable domain names and so does the author.

While it’s been a number of years since this article was written, and long still since the original article, things have changes quite a bit.  You will be hard pressed to find a great company name that is short and descriptive and not registered.  Of course you can find great sites like ours and others that have the names but you are going to have to pay for it.

Finding an unregistered brandable domains for sale is becoming more and more difficult with time.  You may find that you are forced into an long domain name or a brandable.  If it isn’t clear, we love the brandables.  Other then these two items, the original author’s article still holds up.  The article still has a lot of good points for buying a domain on the secondary market.

6 thoughts on “Brandable Domains For Sale | How to buy a Domain Name”

    • Thanks for the comment. I like what you say about “may anticipate difficulties before they will happen” as we find that so many businesses run into trouble with their company name or domain name after they begin their business and when they are either in the process of becoming large or expanding their business.

      If they would plan ahead with their name and choose one of these brandable domains or multiple industry company name they would probably not have a problem. A unique or bold business name can help protect you from Trademark Infringement and makes it easier for you to not only stand out but to protect your own name.

      Thanks for the great statement and please let us know if you’re interested in any of our multiple industry domain names or anything else!

    • Well thank you so much for the comment. It’s really quite easy to sing the praises of the expandable business name aka the brandable domain name because there is just so much to love about them. These names as business name are great because they are interesting fun and they can be whatever it is that you want / need them to be. You want to open a restaurant, great you can do that, if you’re looking to open a real estate office no problem, you can do anything with this type of name.

      A brandable domain name or brandable business name can be anything, the one main thing that these names are, are great names for a business.

    • Thanks for letting us know that you’re enjoying and using the tips by our experts. We really like that people are using the Brandings Blog as a resource for business naming.

      We’ve been told by people that read this blog on a regular basis, that the tips and facts, shared by our experts, is like taking a business class at a college or university.

      Thank you for letting us know you’re enjoying it!


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