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Brand Marketing & Brand Image

Picture a world with no brands. Now walk into a supermarket and try shopping. What toothpaste would you buy? What soup would you purchase? In short, brands make our lives simpler.

If we don’t recognize what brands we like or dislike for that matter, we would have increased difficulty in making basic purchase decisions. This is what we call “brand recognition” and that is the all important idea behind branding. Brand recognition does not have to be just toothpaste or peanut butter, known as corporate Brandings, it could also be a service like plumbing or a lawyer or personal branding. (Michael Jackson is an example a Personal Brand.)

In a world were there is so much competition it is imperative for a person, service or product to stand out — and that is where brand marketing comes in.

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Information About Brand Marketing
The term Branding refers to “a kind of recognition” that a product or a service or a person achieves among the people across globe. For example: a man can be branded as an expert in Internet Marketing with his long years of experience and his helping hands towards others.

eBay is branded as the top most online auction and shopping website offering wide range of products. So, in today’s competitive world, branding has become very important for businesses and people alike.

Brand Marketing is a kind of process, which is very much essential for a business or for a person to stand out from the crowd. To get most out of brand marketing, it requires a lot of time and patience.

When we look at some of the largest companies around the world, it is very clear that, it took a lot of years for them to brand them among others by providing quality service and products.
Branding is divided into two sections:

Personal branding – where a person is considered as an expert in his field

Company branding – Company as a whole is being recognized for its quality service.

In today’s world, since the people have become more cautious about getting branded goods, it is a must for a business or a person to brand them to distinguish them from others. Now, there are plenty of ways available for both personal and company branding. Initially branding requires some effort and once invested, it stays for ever and helps you grow your business.


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Update: Where would we be in the world without brand recognition?  How confusing would this world be?  Company branding is the only way you can be recognized in the market place but remember that can cut both ways.  Once you are branded, and there is both self branding (what a company projects on themselves) and there forced branding (what the public puts on you) it is very hard to change.

If the public has branded you as being of bad quality it is going to take an extraordinarily large about of work to flip it back to where you want it, so be careful.

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