Brandable Names Work Great for Many Products Even Cosmetics

Check out this great new product with a “brandable” name. More and more companies are going with brandables and here’s just another example, check it out!

A great use of a multiple industry name!

You may know from reading our blog how we feel about brandable names.  These are the brand names which have no intrinsic or inherited value or meaning.  In short, these names don’t have any meaning, they’re just pleasing to the ear when spoken.

No matter if these brandable names are Creative product names, business names, or brand names we feel they’re way under used.  With that said, said, times may be a’ changing.

While watching the TV the other day, I saw a commercial that caught my attention.  It wasn’t necessarily what the product does but rather for their brandable product name.

“X Out” is the new product launched by the same people who make “Proactiv” and they both perform a similar thing purpose.  They both fight acme but, you might have guessed by the name, this product is specifically targeted at teenagers and/or tweens.

Let’s break the brandable product name down and look at what it is about the product name, we here on the Brandings Team really likes. The first thing that stands out is the length, four letters that’s really short and we love short names.

As we said a million times in the past the shorter the name the less likely it is for someone to misspell it. Being four letters you’re going to be hard pressed to misspell that, and the fact that it’s just an “X” and “out” it’s two really easy words.

Now let’s look at the words themselves. First you have an “X” only one way to spell that; you may have to spell it out. You might have to say “X Out” and “X” is spelled like the letter but, that’s pretty simple.

There really is only one way to spell “out” as well, and it’s a frequently used word, so there’s no problem there.

There are also tons of things you can play with, with the words. You can put the “X” over a zit or kick a zit “out” the door. There’s years of great marketing built right into the name, brilliant!

You might be thinking that you can’t Trademark a letter or a common word, but the way these two are put together and in the classification of cosmetics you might just be able to. Of course this is all depending if there is something already registered.

Now we want to know your opinion, what do you think of the Brandable Product Names we put on the page above?

Also the Brandings Team loves the brandable product name “X Out” but let us know what you think. Love the name, hate the name, whatever it is let us know we won’t be offended if you disagree with us, sometimes we love that.

Let us know, post it below.

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